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Latest update: 23/05/2023 14:02:07

Hosoda Mokkosho K.K.

Furniture store that designs whole spaces through furniture

We make custom-made furniture and fittings. We provide completely custom-made wall storage spaces, TV boards, cupboards, bookshelves, tables, etc., with attention paid to details as small as 1 millimeter. We also provide products made by furniture workers and workers in construction. Our own products include wall-mounted folding tables called “Tanaplus” and personal frames like ”FRAMY.”

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Main products
Tanaplus / Tanaplus S
Wall-mounted folding tables with a thickness of just 4 cm that make a small room more spacious and comfortable 

Tanaplus is a wall-mounted folding table that can be fixed on a wall with screws. Tanaplus can be used as a desk for children, a bookshelf, etc. You can easily carry it and install it easily, and makes a good decoration for a dreary wall.

<”Tanaplus” product specifications>
External size: w700 × h500 × t40 mm
Shelf size: w592 × h392 × t23 mm
Core material: Eco Shira (Japanese white birch) Plywood; finishing material: melamine facing plates

Tanaplus S
In collaboration with Wakabayashi Seisakusho K.K. which manufactures brackets called KABEBIJIN (wall beauty) fixed on a wall, anchor fittings can be installed with a stapler. Since holes made by a stapler are smaller than those made by pushpins, you can use it with peace in mind even if you need to restore a wall to its original state or feel uncomfortable about damaging your walls.

<”Tanaplus S” product specifications>
External size: W70 × H50 × D4 cm
Shelf size: W59.2 × D39.2 × T2.3 cm
Load capacity: 20 kg
Obon Table
We developed a palette called “Inkuru Pallets” by which “touching” and “seeing” are blended, the idea for which was triggered by the ingenuity and sensibility of lives on which customers rely.

Obon Palette
We carve circular or quadrangular dents on the front and back sides that can be easily imagined in order to create “places on which customers put things” within their arm's reach. Customers can readily “grab things soon” by touching the carved dents to easily find the places where the have placed items.

Slanted Pallet
We also sell bookrests for people with poor sight. The angle of the Slanted Pallet can be adjusted to three different levels depending on how you wish to read, thereby supporting customers who are enjoying reading while feeling the warmth of wood. 
“Personal frames” – ”FRAMY” are a new type of furniture for transforming a limited space and creating a rich space to suit one’s own tastes. Awarded the Wood Design Award 2021.

<Product features>
Easy combination: Customers can easily connect frames using normal hooks and loop fasteners.
FRAMY is space-saving because it can be folded: Although it has a certain weight to withstand impacts, it can be disassembled into each frame by removing the hook and loop fasteners.
Seven types of frames: We provide seven types of frames to support various forms of living.
Efforts for the environment: We use timber from forest thinning made in Hokkaido called “Eco Shira Plywood” for the FRAMY frames, which are characterized by beautiful layers.

<Product specifications>
External height: 170 cm
External width: 45 cm
Thickness: 2.4 cm
Weight: 2.9 kg