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Latest update: 06/04/2023 14:32:09

Seiko Butsuryu Co., Ltd.

A large intermediate transport specialist

We specialize in transportation between distribution centers and delivery agency services to major supermarkets and convenience stores, and we provide total services including logistics and transportation, warehousing, shipping, storage, product management, product sorting, packaging, distribution, and processing. Customers choose us for our ability to respond flexibly to emergency deliveries, our proposals for cost reduction, and our integrated support from sorting to delivery. We aim to improve the efficiency of logistics and reduce costs in order to meet our customers’ expectations.

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Service guide
Transportation business
In order to safely deliver all packages, we flexibly respond to customer needs such as distribution volume, temperature zone, transportation method, etc.

< Customers served >
Frozen food manufacturers
Convenience stores
Discount stores
Food manufacturer/retailers
Food wholesalers
Restaurant companies
Drug stores
Supermarket daily restocked Japanese food manufacturers
Packing material manufacturers
Daily miscellaneous goods manufacturer

< Transportation solutions >
Transportation between food factories and distribution centers
We have many achievements in trunk transportation, from food factories to distribution centers.

Transportation between food centers (4 tons, large size)
Whether it is frozen, chilled, or room temperature, we transport food quickly so it does not lose its freshness.

Delivery service to stores
You can trust us for small lots and frequently delivered products from multiple suppliers.
Warehouse business
Constant temperature (low temperature) warehouses
“Temperature control suitable for storage needs of 3° C to 8° C, such as food products and food ingredients”
We have a constant temperature (low temperature) warehouse where temperature and humidity can be controlled. We can propose appropriate usage for each product, such as precision machines that must not have condensation, food that must not have changes in flavor, and cosmetics that are sensitive to heat.

Refrigerated warehouse
“Keep freshness by refrigerating with careful temperature control”
Temperature is strictly controlled to maintain freshness. We can take products made at the customer’s site at room temperature, and store them in our refrigerated warehouse for later shipment.

Room temperature warehouse
“We realize high efficiency of storage”
Products that can be stacked are stored in stacks, and products that cannot be stacked can be stored in fixed racks of up to three levels. We verify storage and work methods for each product that we handle, making it possible to do long-term storage without accidents.
Distribution processing
< Process from arrival to delivery >
1) Product arrival
Checks for arrival schedule data and product name, quantity, lot, damage

2) Inspection work
Defective product inspection, operation inspection, printing inspection, mixed product inspection, light weight inspection

3) Assembly
Attaching labels and stickers, attaching price tags, enclosing work, product assembly

4) Setup / assortment
Subdivision work, product assortment, product repacking

5) Packaging work
Wooden crate packaging, wooden box packaging, reinforced cardboard, regular cardboard

6) Storage and delivery
Shipping agency, picking, inventory management