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Latest update: 26/01/2022 13:12:44


We aim to become the de facto standard in the rubber industry.

Our company is a manufacturer specializing in producing rubber and urethane rollers and the design and manufacture of industrial equipment. Having the world's top-level urethane blending technology and know-how, we handle everything from material procurement and blending to product manufacturing in-house. We supply large quantities of rubber rolls and urethane rolls to major printing machinery companies and printing companies.

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Functional Rollers
High-Speed Rotation Resistant Roller: Horest
It is a super rubber with outstanding abrasion and oil resistance as well as heat resistance of 150℃. It is also scratch-proof.

Heat-Proof, Low-Heat-Generating Roller: Super Horest
It is a high-strength urethane material and has excellent abrasion and water resistance.

Abrasion and Oil Proof Urethane: Trust U
The product has excellent abrasion resistance, making it less likely to leave scratches on the plate surface, and it also excels in oil resistance (patented).

Abrasion and Water-Proof Urethane: Trust Epsilon (ε)
It is a well-balanced material with excellent strength and solvent resistance characteristic of urethane with high hardness. It also excels in water resistance and rubber elasticity.

Electrically Conductive Rubber Roller: EPT/NBR
Rubber rollers with excellent resistance against corona, high-polarity solvents, and heat (150℃) are blended with static electricity neutralizing fiber, Soldion.

Coating Roller: Gamma (γ) Trust
It excels in strength and solvent resistance, and when compared to urethane, it dramatically surpasses the strength of urethane at the temperature of 55 degrees.

Groove Processing Roller
Our groove processing roller can significantly increase the amount of coating applied, enabling uniform coating.

Water-Absorbing Sponge Roller: SU Sponge
It has a high absorption capacity of 300% water content (actual use case: semiconductor cleaning unit). It can also be used to prevent condensation.

Eco-friendly Dust Removal Roller: Clean Dash Belt
The adhesive-coated belt provides effective dust removal in a variety of applications.

Cooling and Heating Roller: Temperature Control Roller
A roller for high-speed printing and waterless planographic printing

Chrome, Nickel, and Ceramic Rollers
Super hydrophilic plating rollers for continuous water supply and ink fountains.

CFRP Plate Roller and CFRP Rubber Roller: TF/Carbon Roll and TF/Rubber Roll

Features of CFRP Rolls (solving various problems in conveying parts)
The difference in the moment of inertia — compared with iron and SUS, the moment of inertia with CFRP is 1/5 or less
The difference in the amount of deflection — the deflection of its weight is 1/7 or less for CFRP compared to steel or SUS
The difference in weight — CFRP weighs 1/5 of steel and SUS
The product is superior to steel and SUS in various aspects.

Lightweight Aluminum Roller
Compared to steel and SUS rollers, the weight can be reduced to 1/3.
Auto Running Rack
TEC Auto Running Rack 2.0

Efficient Use of Space by Increasing Storage Capacity
The product is customized for your needs, allowing you to maximize the use of existing space.
Past example: Doubled the capacity compared to fixed racks

Easy, Safe, and Secure Operation
The touch panel provides intuitive operation and can be linked to a PC.
An area sensor is used to detect entry at all times to ensure safety.