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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:50

Phytochem Products Inc.

We use green technology to create functional components from unused resources

We make use of green innovation technology developed at Tohoku University to recover a group of fat-soluble functional components contained in unused biomass. This is done with low environmental impact, in a safe and secure manner, with high purity.

We have commercialized high-purity super vitamin E derived from rice bran and rice paraffin.

We are looking for companies that will use this technology for research applications, and for food and cosmetics applications.

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Rice bran-derived super vitamin E, and rice paraffin
Rice bran-derived super vitamin E
Oil generated as a byproduct of rice oil production contains inedible fatty acids as the main component, but it also contains many other healthful components known as functional ingredients.

We made use of this byproduct oil as a raw material and recovered and commercialized high-purity super vitamin E as a functional ingredient, utilizing the ion exchange resin method developed by Tohoku University. It can be used as a raw material for supplements and cosmetics.

Compared to conventional methods, energy consumption is reduced by 95%, the yield rate more than doubles by inhibiting thermal decomposition, and only biomass-derived solvents are used.

We have achieved the provision of a safe and inexpensive product that can also be used as a food item.

In particular, super vitamin E is susceptible to thermal decomposition. The market for it was limited due to its high price because it was difficult to recover using conventional methods.

The resin method can significantly reduce the cost to less than one-fifth, and we hope to expand demand for this product.
Rice paraffin
Until now, paraffin derived from petroleum has been in use. This is the world's first plant-derived paraffin.

It has been confirmed that it has the same kind of performance as petroleum-derived paraffin.

It is expected to be used in cosmetics such as lipstick and hair wax.

For companies that aim to replace all materials with bio-derived products under the SDGs, we encourage you to consider our products.
Esterification, ester exchange, and advanced separation technology for functional components
The ion exchange resin method was developed as a catalyst for esterification and ester exchange reactions, as an advanced separation technology for functional components.

We are looking for companies to make use of this technology.

Our company conducts contract testing and contract manufacturing of esterification, ester exchange reactions, and separation and concentration of functional components.

Based on this contract testing, we also design equipment and manufacture equipment and the like using ion exchange resins.