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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:22:51

Miyata Giken industries Co.,Ltd.

Production and maintenance of industrial machinery parts

Our specialties are metal cutting, welding, and assembly. In addition to producing industrial machinery parts and land machinery parts (unloaders, auxiliary cranes, etc.), we repair worn and damaged parts.

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Sales Pitch

Overview and application examples of major products, technologies, goods, and services
Capable of integrated in-house production from machining to precision machinery can manufacturing and final assembly. 
Capable of handling high-precision processing of defense equipment parts that require high accuracy. 
Capable of welding (shrink-fitting, cold fitting, etc.) in-house. 
Capable of overlay repair by TIG welding, plasma welding, or oxy-fuel spraying. 
Can process workpieces of a length of up to 7,000 mm and a diameter of up to 1,000 mm. 
Can manufacture jigs according to customer requests or design them by ourselves. 
Can also provide advice and suggestions on jig manufacturing, precision improvement, and longevity.
Integrated precision can manufacturing and machining
Coal receiving equipment (top frame revolving superstructure)
Manufactured as multiple components at own factory
In the case of large-sized steel-structure industrial machinery (unloaders, etc.) that cannot be machined due to weight, width, etc., the machined parts are welded together for final assembly, then holes and the like are machined on-site with our own boring equipment, and then the parts are assembled by oil-free bushing insertion using cold fitting. 

Signal light (signal light for in the open sea at the Port of Muroran)
We produce the parts at our own factory and assemble them on-site. 

Shrink-fitting method (set of steel shafts for steel works, tightening allowance 0.35)
The steel is machined in-house while tightening allowance is taken into account. Then, the receiving steel is heated to widen the hole in it, and the shaft is inserted. Assembly is performed at our factory. The product is assembled and finished at our factory.
Message from the representative (future efforts to develop sales channels, intentions of utilizing J-GoodTech, etc.)
We are regularly receiving inquiries from the steel industry, which is our main customer base, but we are taking on new challenges to strengthen our existing businesses and establish a business structure that does not depend on any particular business.

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