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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:22:51


Manufacturing and sales of all-metal nuts, nylon nuts, special nuts, bushings, pipes, collars, and precision special nuts

Established a high-quality, high-speed production system for “self-locking nuts” with nylon inserts, by utilizing cutting-edge technology to produce “nuts that stay fastened”. In response to the growing motorization, these high-tech nuts have become very popular, and are now our foundation as a leading manufacturer of heading parts in Japan.

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Product Information
High strength titanium nuts made by cold heading
Cold-headed titanium nuts with thread strength of 1,000 MPa or more
[Special material trials]
Succeeded in cold heading of M6 to M10 titanium flange nuts
Other experience with non-ferrous parts made of copper, aluminum, SUS, or the like
Self-locking nuts
Self-locking nuts are essential parts of suspension systems, power train systems, exhaust systems, brake systems, and other central mechanisms that make up the automobile body, the mainstay in production. The wide range of products we offer are born from meticulous quality control, since these nuts are the smallest parts playing important roles in “production efficiency” and “safety maintenance” of automobiles. In addition, we are aggressively promoting business development in the global market with an eye on new needs such as precision machinery.
SDGs efforts
[Installation of oil-water separation tanks]
In our manufacturing process, we use oil, and to prevent this oil from being discharged into the sewage system, we have installed oil-water separation tanks. Before water is released into the sewage system at Toda Factory No. 1 and Toda Factory No. 2, oil in the water is removed in the oil-water separation tanks. The sewage is carried to a public sewage treatment plant located north of the plants, where it is treated before being discharged. In this way, we take care not to contaminate the water in the rivers, and eventually the ocean.

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