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Envision Future Plants: Infinite possibilities, starting with plants

We are an R&D agri-bio startup, creating the next generation of food and agriculture. We maximize the potential of plants with advanced technology, to make the world happy. Innovation in crop seedlings and cultivation techniques is essential for increasing productivity in the food and agriculture sectors. We contribute to the improvement of agricultural productivity in the area of ​​crop seedlings.
Climate change, population growth, farmer shortages, diversifying food needs. As a solution for various issues affecting the food and agriculture field, we propose new crops and production methods by combining cutting edge knowledge, such as original grafting techniques and genome editing technology.

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Sales Pitch

New seedling creation business
・Joint R&D projects
 - Genome editing technology
 - Grafting technology (including different genus grafting technology iPAG)
・Original seedling development business
 - Development and sales of original varieties using genome editing technology, conventional breeding, and grafting technology
Grafted seedling production system business
Sales of Grafting Cassettes that anyone can graft to trees

Grafting is an agricultural technique that human beings have used since ancient times, but skilled craftsmanship was necessary to ensure efficient and stable production of grafted seedlings.
At GRA&GREEN, we have developed Grafting Cassette that anyone can quickly and easily graft to trees.
With an automated grafting device that uses a Grafting Cassette, it is possible to achieve even greater labor saving and efficiency.
[Intellectual property rights]
1. New variety creation business
 We have a patent application pending for our proprietary genome editing technology
 We have obtained exclusive license for patent rights from Nagoya University for the iPAG different genus branch grafting technology
2. Grafted seedling production system business
 We have obtained exclusive license for patent rights from Nagoya University for the Grafting Cassettes
 Original patent application pending
 We own design rights
 We own trademark rights

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