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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:22:52

Export Japan Inc.

Contributing to intercultural relations through internet business

We specialize in multilingual solutions for the Web. In the field of inbound business, we plan, propose, and implement comprehensive solutions that meet the needs of our clients, such as customer attraction promotions using the portal site for foreign visitors to Japan, or universalization projects of product information using Accessible Code.

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Multilingual website creation and promotion
We provide support from planning to operation and maintenance, for the production of multilingual websites (global websites) and overseas web promotions that match the business strategy of the company. A wide range of factors need to be taken into consideration, depending on the purpose such as PR, customer attraction, branding, or inquiry acquisition, and also on the target country, such as the infrastructure environment, user characteristics, and cultural background. At Export Japan, we offer a one-stop service from server selection, planning, translation, design, up to coding, tailored to suit the respective purpose and target country.
Multilingual website maintenance and operation
“We want to leave the entire operation and updating of your website in five languages to one contractor.” “We want the contractor to directly communicate with staff at our overseas subsidiaries in English or Chinese.” The Export Japan team responds to these client needs using multilingual abilities and a variety of communication methods including email, telephone, and Skype. Drawing on our extensive experience, we also provide consultation on various communication issues with overseas business partners that may arise in the course of website operation.
Consulting from a foreigner’s perspective
Japanese-speaking staff members of many different nationalities research case studies from around the world and provide advice and consulting when creating infrastructure for commercial facilities and websites. We also address perspectives that might be overlooked by a team of Japanese alone, and offer cultural checks to find expressions or other items that might spark criticism when the website or the like has already been produced.
Being visited by many of the foreigners coming to Japan, is one of the world’s largest portals for tourists to Japan, with around 1.8 million users from around the world viewing it every month. The site handles a variety of advertisements to attract foreigners on visits to Japan, and also cooperates with local governments in proposing various plans for tourism promotion.
Accessible Code
Accessible Code® is a QR code designed to enable foreigners who cannot read Japanese, illiterates, and people with visual impairments to read something with their smartphones and obtain information in foreign languages or through speech. Usually being printed on the product package (packaging material), the code provides a wide range of consumers around the world with product information such as ingredients, volume, applications, and so forth. Accessible Code was developed with the approval of NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization). It supports text and speech in up to 15 languages and can be used by manufacturers who produce and sell products for the global market.

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