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We provide total factory automation system design and construction for production plants

We contribute to your factory automation by designing and manufacturing rationalized machinery and equipment, both mechanical and electrical.

We perform in-house mechanical and control design, assembly, wiring, and adjustment, which allows us to handle everything from mechanical to electrical.

We also have a wide variety of sheet metal processing equipment, including laser processing, and welding equipment, and can provide sheet metal products to meet your needs.

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Rationalized equipment
Mechanical design and manufacturing

We design and manufacture rationalized machinery and equipment according to your work and requirements.

Based on our long experience in equipment control, we can design and manufacture equipment for mass production and quality stabilization of products according to your needs, such as parts supply, transfer, and assembly, using automation and labor-saving technologies that make full use of conveyance systems (belts, chains, rollers, mechanisms, AGVs).

Recently we have been contributing to Monozukuri craftsmanship by participating in developing material-specific elemental technologies for semi-finished products (workpieces) from the initial idea-generation stage to solve problems faced by our customers, and by providing integrated design and manufacturing services including control and software as well as mechanisms.

Control design and construction

We design and construct control systems required for operating equipment, such as PLC-based sequence design, touch panel screen design, and control panel design.

Since we can perform control design including the wiring in the machine, we can meet a wide range of customer requirements.

Supported manufacturers:

PLC: Mitsubishi Electric, Omron, Keyence, other manufacturers
Touch panels: Mitsubishi Electric, Omron, Keyence, other manufacturers
Other: Motor control for Mitsubishi Electric, Oriental Motor, Yaskawa Electric, and other manufacturers

Assembly, wiring, adjustment

We perform assembly, wiring, piping, and adjustment of designed equipment, both mechanical and electrical, at our own factory.
We also provide a wide range of maintenance and modification services for existing equipment (including those constructed by other companies) according to your needs.
Laser and sheet metal processing
We possess CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser processing equipment, so we can cut steel, stainless steel, and other thin sheets with high precision.

In addition, we offer a wide range of custom-made control panels, cubicles, and boxes as follows.

Various sheet metal processing of iron, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.
Operation panel, control panel, and cubicle case production
Small fittings production
Processing for ready-made boxes, etc.
Panel cutting

We design, manufacture, maintain, and inspect cubicle-type receiving and distribution boards, high-voltage receiving boards, and low-voltage lighting power panels.

Everything is made to order, so we can accommodate all types and sizes upon consultation.

We also offer low-cost proposals by modifying and reusing existing cubicles.
Expansion overseas
We also manufacture equipment for overseas production plants in China and Southeast Asian countries.

Each country of shipment requires materials with different certifications and standards from domestic Japanese equipment, but we can be flexible to meet your specifications.

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