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Latest update: 15/06/2023 11:40:30


We provide all in one support for antenna development, design, manufacturing, and sales.

We conduct various operations related to antennas as well as design, development, manufacturing, and sales of various antennas, switches, and cables for wireless communications equipment

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[Manufactured Products]
○ Antenna
Our lineup includes various antennas that realize the Internet of Things, as well as the M2M field, which is rapidly becoming more wireless, including automobiles, medical equipment, and public infrastructure.

○ Switches
Mechanical switches are suitable for high-accuracy, high-precision devices, such as industrial equipment and commercial transceivers.

○ Cables
Conversion cables stabilize design quality and product quality of wireless LAN equipment with a configuration of precision connectors and coaxial cables.
[Services Provided]
○ Design and development commission service
Based on design materials (such as drawings) presented to us by the customer, we design antennas and wireless communications products according to requested specifications. We provide optimal antennas through repeated prototype verification, using our proprietary simulation software and radio waves anechoic chamber.
First we discuss required specifications, schedules, and the like. After that, we start design, from basic design to mass production design. Next we do repeated simulations, trial manufacturing, and measurement, making the optimal proposal each time. The length of the design period varies depending on requested specifications. We present a schedule after discussing the specifications. Once design is complete, we submit the results, including characteristic data, drawings, and CAD data.
[Equipment Owned]
○ Simulation Software
In the rapidly diversifying wireless market, we have gotten many manufacturers to adopt our technology by making optimized proposals to meet their needs, and we have accumulated various know-how in the process. Based on that know-how, we realize finely focus support not possible for major manufacturers and make optimal proposals to meet the needs of customers.

○ 3D Measurement Equipment
In recent years, more accurate data has become necessary for antenna performance evaluation. In order to make optimized proposals, in addition to conventional 2D measurement, we have introduced 3D measurement equipment capable of measuring radiation efficiency, and have started measurement support.