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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:51

Maruni Co., Ltd.

We can produce original Kyo Karakami paper for you.

We are a wholesaler of fusuma sliding screen fittings, fittings (folding screens, hanging scrolls, picture frames, and so on), and interior materials.

We have our own workshop for the traditional Kyoto craft of Kyo Karakami paper. We mainly manufacture, sell, and install Karakami paper products for use as sliding screen paper and as wallpaper for temples, shrines, teahouses, and ordinary houses.

We also accept custom-made and small-lot orders.

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We started our business in 1902 (Nishimura Korokudo) as artisans of Hyogu, a Japanese craft of fusuma (sliding doors), folding screens, and hanging scrolls. In 1946, my grandfather took over the business from his predecessor and changed it to material wholesaling. We are now engaged in wholesaling of fusuma sliding screen fittings, fittings (folding screens, hanging scrolls, picture frames, and so on), and interior materials.

We are also a manufacturer and distributor of the traditional Kyoto handicraft Kyo Karakami paper, and possess about 300 printing blocks. It is mainly used for fusuma sliding screen paper and wallpaper in traditional buildings such as temples, shrines, teahouses, and ordinary houses.

The unique texture due to the human touch and wood surface is used not only in traditional architecture, but also in modern architecture, commercial facilities, hotels, and so on.

We also plan interior and gift products based on the concept of Kyo Karakami methods, the sensibility and design of the printing blocks, and the meaning of each pattern.

We propose the dreamlike world of Kyo Karakami paper, from traditional Japanese interior design to contemporary lifestyles.
Karakami paper
Karakami paper originated from beautiful crafted paper introduced to Japan from Tang dynasty China in the Nara period (710–794).

Simply put, Kyo Karakami is a kind of printmaking. It is a traditional method that uses hand-carved printing blocks that have been handed down from as far back as 180 years ago. Mica, whitewash, sizing glue, pigments, and other traditional paints are placed on the blocks, and patterns are copied onto the paper one by one with the palm of the hand.

Our Karakami paper has been certified as nonflammable by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and can be used safely as wallpaper in contemporary architectural spaces, hotels, commercial facilities, and so on.

A characteristic feature of our Karakami paper is that you can freely combine your favorite Karakami patterns, base paper, and printing colors (pattern colors).

Since our products are made on a "by order" basis, we can provide highly original products starting from small lots.

We can also make proposals based on the meaning of each pattern and the environment and concept of a specific project.

Fusuma sliding screen paper, wallpaper, art panels, partitions and lighting… Please use this paper for the essence of Japanese culture.