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Latest update: 21/04/2022 13:45:49


Technology for support from the sea to the sky is available from us!

We have installed state-of-the-art precision machining equipment modified to our own specifications and follow a strict quality manual.
However, that alone is not enough to differentiate us from our competitors.

This is why we are committed to thorough humidity and temperature control, which are indispensable for rigorous machining. Specifically, we make use of RPA to control IoT devices to automatically maintain and control factory temperature and humidity all day, every day. This is how we process products in an environment suitable for ultra-precision machining.

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Located in Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture, the Monozukuri craftsmanship city that gave birth to the Battleship Yamato, our company is involved in processing jet engine parts for aircraft and manufacturing valves for large ship engines
State-of-the-art equipment with our unique specifications
Aircraft engine parts have complex shapes and require high precision and high quality. Why is that?
It is because aircraft need to carry people and goods worldwide, so the airframe parts need to be lightweight, and to achieve this, they have to have complex shapes. We can satisfy these needs by combining our company's state-of-the-art equipment (five-axis processing machines, machining, NC, polishing, 3D measuring machines, 3D scanners, and roundness measuring machines) with technology we have been cultivating since the days when we manufactured products for marine use (thin-walled shafts).
Thorough humidity and temperature control all day, every day
Our company thoroughly controls humidity and temperature, which are indispensable for strict machining. Specifically, by using RPA to control IoT devices, we automatically maintain and control the factory's temperature and humidity all day, every day, to process products in an environment suitable for ultra-precision machining.
Contract measurement business utilizing aircraft technology
In recent years, the medical device and semiconductor industries as well as the aircraft industry have been demanding high-quality high-precision machining of difficult shapes with short lead times. The burden of the inspection process has also been increasing proportionally, and there is a tendency to outsource inspections to make inspection work more efficient and save labor. Our company provides services such as high-precision dimensional measurement and CMM program creation to our customers with short lead times, so we can satisfy various measurement needs. Why are we able to achieve this?
It is because the facilities, environment, and technology we have cultivated in the aircraft business have made this possible.




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