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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:23:00

SOC Corporation.

Making Hokkaido an IT base that attracts attention from around the world

We provide software development services that satisfy customers in a various categories and industries. We aim to be a company that grows along with its customers by offering solutions that match their needs on everything from mission critical projects to downtown bakeries. We do so with business know-how, development techniques and technologies, high quality, and strong reliability, accumulated through more than 40 years' worth of strong achievements in system development.

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Business Portfolio
Consigned development
[Core Systems]
 Using the human resources and know-how we have accumulated in system development in various industries such as communications, broadcasting/media, electric power, finance, and government agencies, 
 we select the most suitable servers for each customer, then design, build, operate, monitor, and maintain those systems.
[Web Systems]
 We have made great achievements in development, including online applications, e-commerce websites, online reservation systems, community sites, communication fee calculation systems, and more.
 We support your online business.
[Business Systems]
 We build optimal systems for each customer’s business, including finance and accounting, human resources, salary, sales management, customer management, product management, and more.
 We will do our best to respond to customer’s requests and solve their problems.
[Embedded Systems]
 We meet the needs of our customers with SOC engineers who are involved in the development of a wide range of systems, including communication controls, cellular phones, and mobile devices
Nearshore development (Software development service in Japan)
SOC’s nearshore development is a software development service based in Sapporo that uses the advantage of economic efficiency between regions such as Hokkaido and the Tokyo area to offer high quality, low cost, and short delivery time inside Japan.
It offers the cost cutting benefits of offshore development, and also solves problems that frequently arise in offshore development.
AI Business
[Using Image Recognition / Analysis]
 Using image recognition and analysis with AI systems, we convert typical discrimination work done by humans in various categories into an AI system.
 This automation realizes “improved precision”, “shortened work time”, and “labor savings”.
[Retail Sales / Demand Forecast]
 By creating an AI system for sales / demand forecasts for each product which only a few employees could judge before, we can reduce wasteful inventory, orders, and production,
 and realize “higher profits” and “lower waste loss”.

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