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Latest update: 22/11/2021 15:21:30

Yoshino Dengyo Co.,Ltd.

A company that gives shape to your ideas

Yoshino Dengyo Co., Ltd. has three features/strengths to meet the varied needs of our customers
1. Production of prototypes
2. Repairs/maintenance
3. High quality control

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Anyone having trouble with mass production, trial manufacturing, repair, or maintenance of coils
1. Production of prototypes
We utilize a production system capable of handling high-mix low-volume, to manufacture prototypes with a short turnaround time and high quality.

From the perspective of the “Monozukuri (manufacturing) service industry”, we go beyond simply making products, and are always undertaking new challenges, so that we can be ready for everything, from taking inquiries to final delivery of the product. Using our high-mix low-volume production system, even if it is difficult to reproduce a product exactly, we work to make it as close as possible to the customer’s requests.

Yoshino Dengyo does trial manufacturing different from other manufacturers

(1) Support a wide range of items
Epoxy filled coil, bobbin wound coil, bobbinless coil, varnish impregnated coil, cable processing, etc.

(2) Can make as few as 1 unit
Feel free to call or contact us with the inquiry form on our website. We will ask you the details about your request.

(3) Propose improvements based on specifications
We do prototyping while keeping in mind the purpose of use and the environment, in order to make sure there are no unreasonable or wasteful steps in the production process. We look for points to improve in the completed prototypes, review the design drawings, and carefully explain the advantages and disadvantages of the prototype, responding so that the customer is fully satisfied.

(4) OK with just design and production
Our staff in charge of manufacturing will do studies after checking drawings and specifications. We select jigs, dies, molds, etc. and use the skill of our engineers to manufacture high-quality products.

(5) We offer short turnaround time
We have developed a production system capable of responding to urgent requests in order to realize short turnaround times by keeping an inventory with primary materials, as well as constantly stocking materials that normally take time to procure and works-in-process that require processing.
2. Repairs/maintenance
Precise repair and maintenance to restore the original capabilities of a product.

Take a close look at electromagnetic coils you are using. Leaving abnormal noise, vibration, high temperature, or odors may result in the coil malfunctioning. If there is a malfunction, check whether it can be repaired before you buy a new one. We have been manufacturing products that our customers can trust for about 60 years, since our company was established. With the know-how we have cultivated over many years, including accurate situation assessment and clearly stated repair standards, we promptly respond to our customers’ problems.

Wide ranging repair support
For both Japanese and foreign manufacturer’s products alike, if you send us your actual product, we will investigate and analyze the specifications, and tell you whether or not we can do repairs. We can handle repairs of various shapes, thin to thick wires, and coil rewinding.
3. High quality control
High quality control, so we can continue to be a reliable company

We have accumulated processing technology and processing know-how in-house, and are actively working on high-precision products using our advanced electrical engineering technology.

Initiatives for quality control
Our company handles coils used in various industries. We constantly strive to maintain and improve quality in the spirit of “coils are equivalent to the ‘heart’ of humans, as they must keep moving until the very end.”

1. Employee Training
Through training for new employees, certification system for technical departments, training for versatile workers, quality meetings, we work to ensure that our quality control capabilities are widely known.

With our “certification system”, we improve technical and intellectual capabilities and make use of it in manufacturing based on the external (once per year) technology renewal test system, and the internal “versatile workers training” (twice per year).

2. Internal System
Meetings of the quality control committee are held on the 1st day of every month in order to inform all staff from the top to the bottom about quality matters, and establish a production and quality control system.

With our certification system for inspectors who judge the quality of products, we have introduced a system for inspector certification by electrical equipment manufacturers, and conduct certified inspector renewal exams and workshops (once per year), so that inspectors can judge quality with the “eyes” and “knowledge” they have learned.

3. Customer Support
We also promptly respond when problems arise. Our approach to problems is to thoroughly investigate the cause and take countermeasures, from the perspective that “If there is a problem, there is a cause. If there is a cause, there is a solution.”

Fully developed production and inspection equipment
We offer a wide variety of production inspection equipment. Naturally, a wealth of know-how, experience, and technology are necessary to maintain product quality, and we have fully prepared ourselves by adding more stability through the introduction of a full range of equipment. 

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