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Latest update: 21/04/2022 13:45:48

Mukai Tanko Co.,Ltd.

Leave it to us for all types of forging, including large and small items, and special steel.

We have been engaged in free forging for more than 100 years since our establishment in 1917, mainly of rare metals, hard alloys, and other special steels (nickel alloys, copper alloys, titanium alloys, aluminum alloys, and so on). We have an extensive track record in forging materials that are extremely hard or difficult in terms of temperature control, particularly alloys that contain more than 50% nickel.

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Our company's strength
We provide technology to the industry's largest class of research institutions, including doctoral-level engineers
Our company's strength lies in the know-how we have gained from providing technology to major Japanese companies and researchers of special metals since our establishment.
We are involved in research in the field of forging for all kinds of industries, including jet turbines for aviation, parts for nuclear power plants, electronic components such as semiconductors, and industrial machinery.
In the case of research materials, we sometimes forge several different sizes and shapes from a single ingot, or forge materials with slightly different metal content under the same conditions until cracks occur. To forge under such rigorous conditions, we sometimes conduct forging operations in the presence of the customer's representative.
Observing forging
To handle research materials for companies or participate in research at university institutions, we sometimes conduct forging in the presence of researchers and other related personnel.
We also offer factory tours even to other customers in the same industry. You can observe our thorough temperature control during forging and skilled production that does not waste a single second during the work process.
Furnace heating chart tables
Our company specializes in strict furnace heating control.
We have extensive know-how, and we can provide heating chart tables in 5°C increments and at 5-minute intervals.

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