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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:45

TOSHIMA Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

A comprehensive plastic processing manufacturer that does both cold forging and sheet metal pressing, with strengths in its original technology “sheet forging, tooth forming, fine blanking”.

Toshima Manufacturing’s Parts Division is a comprehensive pressing manufacturer capable of making proposals for optimal building methods using both concepts of plastic processing: cold forging that works by “crushing and pushing”, and sheet metal pressing that works by “pulling, bending, and squeezing”.
Our core technologies involving process design and dies and molds design are done 100% in-house.
We can do integrated production entirely in-house, from annealing, shooting, and bonding necessary for intermediate processes, as well as machining, polishing, processing, and assembly, which are downstream processes.

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Technology Profile
Sheet Metal Forging Technology
This technology is unique to our company, as we have know-how of both cold forging and sheet metal pressing. Using our sheet metal forging technology, we can reduce intermediate process such as annealing and bonding, and lower the molding load, simultaneously realizing both cost reduction and process shortening.
Also, by using cold forging molding technology, we can make drastically thicker or thinner sheets not possible with sheet metal processing, which increases freedom of molding, and support more complex shapes.
With typical sheet metal pressing, it is very difficult to process thick plates (6 mm or more). Using our technology, we can handle materials thicker than 10 mm.
Just as with sheet metal pressing, we can improve productivity with transferring.
Tooth forming technology using the sheet metal forging method
By combining cold forging and sheet metal pressing technology, this technology forms a highly accurate tooth profile, with fewer man hours than typical sheet metal pressing (bending, punching, squeezing).
Our tooth forming technology is characterized by its ability to take advantage of the good qualities of each building method, with the processing method focused on sheet metal pressing and the method incorporating cold forging technology.
Precision mold blanking, precision tooth blanking
Using technology from cold forging dies and molds, we can secure sheared surfaces and do punching with less sagging even with general-purpose press machines, for thick plates over 10 mm, plates with different thickness in parts, plates with a width less than the plate thickness, and plates with irregular shapes including gears and keys.
Cold Forging Transfer
Transfer processing is not normally done as part of cold forging. We are working to introduce transferring to cold forging by using UL press machines made by AIDA. By continuously doing multiple processes (3 to 7 processes), we can not only raise productivity, but reduce intermediate work-in-process, which are often a problem in one-shot processes.
One feature of our transfer processing is that we use not only blanking material in sheet metal pressing, but also materials processed with parts formers as forging material.

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