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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:22:52

Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc.

We will build a software platform on which humans and computers coexist - Updating industry, culture, and academics adapted to the computer age -

This R&D company has highly specialized human resources, a record of being chosen at top conferences, and accumulated proprietary technologies, in areas such as machine learning, digital fabrication, VR and AR, and human augmentation based on wave control.

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Business Portfolio
Product joint development business
By combining the technology portfolio of PXDT and the use cases of partner companies, we develop products that blend right into the world. We create non-contact UI applying wave control, and new experiences made by AI. We deliver value to society by traversing the road to implementation in step with partner companies, and commercializing and mass producing products.
Solution joint development business
By working to digitize space, PXDT contributes to the creation of a safe and comfortable space where it is possible to track and control people and moving objects. It senses the space and gives proper feedback based on results, for sites where people come and go, and environments where companies wish to install robots. In order to achieve that goal, we are building a business that selects and develops the right technology for the right person.
xDiversity Business
PXDT is participating in the xDiversity Project, an effort to overcome physical and capability related issues and to solve the social issues that accompany them. PXDT wave control technology can realize personalization of experiences and enhanced sensory abilities. As one example, we have renewed the user interface, such as by adding remote presentation of tactile information and selected presentation of audiovisual information, working to solve problems through synergy with our spatial development business. We are working to raise awareness of issues from the field and do repeated on-site verification.
Spatial data platform “Kotowari”
Kotowari is a solution service that converts space into time series digital data in the optimal way according to each customer’s issues and requests, from real-time digitization of people and things that move through spaces to high precision digitization of industrial machinery. Spatial time series digital data utilizes our proprietary sensing technology to enable advanced analysis not possible with image recognition alone, and visualize things that were not visible. By linking this with machines operating in a space, we give the machines “eyes” and “intelligence”, realizing control that was never before possible.
Infectious disease countermeasure BCP solution “magickiri”
Magickiri was realized by integrating cutting edge sensing and simulation technologies and research with actual data on infected people. It comes with the features of “building a safe on-site environment”, “continuously reducing risks by promoting behavior change and improving the environment”, and “securing evidence when there are infections”. Based on data we have obtained, we support optimization of safety standards for various environments, including typical corporate offices, hospitals, factories, construction sites, warehouses, and more. In this manner, we aim to both prevent the spread of infection and promote economic recovery in the era of COVID-19.

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