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Latest update: 21/12/2021 11:04:53

Fast Space inc.

Making it the world’s baseload resource

We provide high-performance wind power generation systems at lower cost than thermal power generation. Specifically, (1) Power Tower: Using our patented structure, we realize high towers at low cost. (2) Large Air Bearings: We use our original air bearings to provide long-lived bearings with low resistance and no wear. (3) Large Telescopic Lightweight Blade: Our unique telescopic lightweight blade shrinks contracts wings during strong winds such as typhoons, which greatly reduces the failure rate and improves the operating rate. With these 3 new technologies, we will reduce cost of wind power generation to 50% of current cost.

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Sales Pitch

Novelty and superiority
Lightweight and high strength tower
Large-diameter towers and concrete towers with conventional structures have the major disadvantage of heavier weight for offshore structures. In contrast, our lightweight towers can reduce weight by 30% to 40% that of conventional structures. This weight reduction can also keep the price of floating structures down.
Low friction air bearings
We can relax the required precision of bearings so we can do manufacturing at low cost.
We can also make redundant configurations, so the rate of failure is reduced exponentially compared to that of single items. In combination with oil-free, this makes it possible to manufacture maintenance-free.
Flexible lightweight blades
Large CFRP blades require high capital investment, whereas our blades offer a great advantage in terms of price.

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