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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:45

C & A Corporation

We are a Tohoku University venture for single crystal R&D

We are a university-launched venture that deals with everything from new crystal manufacturing to consulting for crystal-related businesses.

Our main products are crystal materials, alloy wire materials, and crystal manufacturing equipment, including a crystal material called a "scintillator" that emits light when exposed to radiation.

We develop and market technology for mass-producing GAGG scintillator material from Tohoku University with a high light yield.

GAGG is an optimal scintillator for natural radioactivity measurement applications, and has been adopted for gamma camera and Compton camera application devices.

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Scintillators for medical use, environmental radiation detection, and high-energy physics experiments. Alloy wires that contain almost no grain boundaries in the wire.
Ce:GAGG scintillator crystals for PET testing
Based on results obtained through NEDO's Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program, our company and Tohoku University have established a basic technology for manufacturing cerium-doped multicomponent gadolinium aluminum gallium garnet (Ce:GAGG) scintillator crystals with a diameter of 4 inches (101.6 mm) and a length of 150 mm without cracks (crack-free).

Since Ce:GAGG has about twice the light yield of conventional scintillator crystal materials for PET, it is expected to improve PET properties by increasing the luminescence and sensitivity of PET scintillator crystals. However, the scintillator crystals were not suitable for PET due to their long fluorescence lifetime.

By finding an optimal co-additive agent and its optimal concentration, we were able to shorten the fluorescence lifetime while maintaining a high light yield, thereby realizing a fast time response and making these scintillator crystals applicable to PET as well.

The use of this technology is expected to enable early detection of even small cancers in PET scans, which will contribute to reducing medical costs and improving the quality of life (QoL) of cancer patients.
Scintillators are needed for environmental radiation detection and high-energy physics experiments
In addition to PET for cancer, our products have already been adopted for local PET, Compton cameras for environmental monitoring, next-generation detectors at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), radiation astronomy detectors at the Italian National Institute for Astrophysics (INAF), and neutron detectors at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). We will continue to aim for the adoption of our products in radiation detectors, non-destructive testing equipment, and medical imaging equipment around the world.
Technology for searching for optimal composition and low-cost manufacturing technology for difficult-to-machine alloy wire and highly durable alloy wire
We will help you to realize the production of shape-controlled alloys using the μPD method to search for compositions of new alloy wire that is micro-machinable, highly durable, and long-lasting, and to realize low-cost manufacturing technology using near-net shape forming for practical mass production.

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