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We are professionals who can handle integrated production of various textile products and supporters!

We have an integrated production system from planning to manufacturing and delivery of various textile products, especially medical and sports supporters. This enables us to lower costs and shorten lead times!

We also handle ODM and OEM of supporters, so we can make original supporters for your company.

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We can realize cost reduction and short lead times with our integrated production from planning and material procurement to manufacturing and delivery
We can achieve low cost and short lead times because all processes can be done in-house
Our company has an integrated production system for planning, procuring materials, manufacturing, and selling textile products (medical and sports supporters, corsets, yoga mats, and so on).

Our unique routes mean that we are able to achieve low costs and short lead times.
Creator's spirit: Our company's passion for development
We have been working hard for many years to develop good products by being close to our customers and listening to their comments. That is why we can manufacture good products.
Our Neoguard heel supporter for kendo fencing is a product resulting from our serious commitment to the requests of junior high school kendo club students at that time, and our subsequent development efforts with them. It has grown to boast the No. 1 share of the kendo supporter market.

Our company takes pride in the fact that we need to respond to the needs of society. We believe that it is our duty to monitor consumer needs at an early stage and to promote in-depth Monozukuri craftsmanship. This is how we do our work every day.
OEM and ODM business
Our company's OEM and ODM support customers from behind the scenes while working together to create even better products
We manufacture ODM (original design and manufacturing) and OEM (original equipment manufacturing) products under other companies' brands in addition to our own products.

As Japan is said to be facing a super-aging society, the demand for medical and sports supporters is expected to increase. We can also provide ODM and OEM for supporters, which is our company's specialty, so we can make original products for your company.
We take on the challenge of doing new things without being trapped by the boundaries of the industry.

We also create wearable products and other new products.
Recently we have started to handle products such as stretch mats, stretch poles, wine bags, and masks in addition to medical supporters and sports supporters.

We are developing products that satisfy your needs while quickly responding to changes in society.

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