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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:22:49

Hatsuta Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

A factory that fights for the future. Spread innovation, spread safety.

Hatsuta Seisakusho Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that designs, makes, sells, and builds various fire extinguishers, fire extinguishing systems, automatic fire extinguishing for manufacturing machinery, alarm systems, and disaster prevention related equipment.

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Sales Pitch

Our company was founded in 1902, and has worked to protect society from fires and disasters, providing disaster prevention systems with environmentally friendly designs. As firefighting professionals, we work to minimize fire damage and protect lives, property, and culture which are irreplaceable.
Representative products, services
Commercial/residential fire extinguishers
We have a strong lineup that meets various applications, including metal fires, electricity fires, and kitchen fires. 

Fire extinguishing equipment
We provide a various fire extinguishing equipment for factories and plants.

Free of charge fire risk diagnostic service / HTC service
We identify places where there is risk of fire in factories and plants, and give detailed reports on how to make improvements. We actively support our customers’ BCP.

Automatic fire extinguishing systems for industrial machinery
Our systems reduce the risk of fire in various production equipment, reducing losses caused by fire. Many are installed in semiconductor / liquid crystal manufacturing equipment and machine tools. In addition, we do optimal fire reduction for various production equipment, do design and construction of fire extinguishing systems, and provide after-sales maintenance so that customers can operate properly.
Collection and recycling of fire extinguishers
We disassemble collected fire extinguishers, use the parts and main containers as recycled resources, and recycle chemicals at our head office factory. Recycled fire extinguishing agent is handled the same as new fire extinguishing agent once it has been treated. By recycling powdered fire extinguisher agents, we can contribute to “effective use of limited resources” and “prevention of global environmental pollution”. As a company that addresses environmental issues, we at Hatsuta will continue to put effort into this endeavor.
CSR activities: Human resource development, contribution activities for communities and society
Sales College
This basic study program is aimed at beginners who are new to working in the disaster prevention industry.
It is held one or two times per year, and many trainees from across Japan take the program each time.

SPS Club Meister Training
At our practical fire extinguishing equipment comprehensive training center “Jisshokan”, with the purpose of having trainees acquire skills related to fire extinguishing equipment, we hold the practical skill development program “Meister Training”.

Bix Gallery at our Hirakata Headquarters
Come see the various products and services that we offer.
This exhibition room was built with the desire to have visitors discover many surprises.

Jisshokan at our Hirakata Headquarters
We install various fire extinguishing equipment, so you can not only see our fire extinguishing equipment, but actually experience discharging a fire extinguisher, operating equipment, and inspecting equipment.