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Latest update: 26/01/2022 13:12:44

KAIBARA Corporation.

Committed to copper alloys, and producing products superior to conventional copper alloys

For slide members of hydraulic equipment, coining machines, ships, industrial equipment, etc., we carry out processes ranging from the development of copper alloy materials to casting and machining, in an integrated fashion in our company. Using KAIBARA original materials which have extremely excellent seize resistance and abrasion resistance, we provide products, the weight of which varies from several grams to several tons, which are made of various materials, and which have various shapes.

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Reasons to select KAIBARA Corporation
Product development capability for meeting various needs
Since our foundation, KAIBARA, a slide member manufacturer, has been supporting various products in society for a long period of time. 
We are confident that the amount of know-how, experience, and knowledge, which have been accumulated since our foundation, about slide members made of copper alloys or other materials is of the highest level. 
By fully utilizing the know-how, experience, as well as knowledge and various test equipment, and by referring to data on mechanical properties as well as sliding characteristics, we develop high-performance members, the representatives of which are KAIBARA original materials. 
Needless to say, KAIBARA develops and proposes the optimum material, which may not be made of a copper alloy, when we judge that the material will satisfy the needs of the client. 
If you have any concern about materials, please leave it to us.     
Variety of equipment that allows for casting and processing
KAIBARA carries out processes related to copper alloys, ranging from material development to casting and machining, in an integrated fashion in our company. 
By utilizing equipment for continuous casting, (horizontal or vertical) centrifugal casting, as well as sand mold casting and a total of 120 machine tools, we provide products, the weight of which varies from several grams to several tons, which are made of various materials, and which have various shapes.
Thorough quality control and a careful support system
In order to maintain high quality, KAIBARA is equipped with various testing equipment and tests products ranging from a single product to mass-produced products in ways suitable for their production methods. Therefore, we are able to maintain stable product quality. 
Furthermore, KAIBARA provides appropriate after-sales support. If equipment used by a client has any problem, we are able to track the conditions at the time of part delivery and submit a report on inspection results and so on. 
We provide total support such as proposing members with superior quality and solving clients' problems.
Product introductions
[High-tension brass alloys]
Al, Fe, Mn, etc. are added to Cu-Zn alloys so that the alloys have excellent tensile strength, hardness, and load bearing characteristics.
[Lead bronze alloys]
Pb is added to Cu-Sn alloys to make the Pb content in them be 4 to 22%. Their bearing performance is improved.
[Aluminum bronze alloys]
Fe, Ni, Mn, etc. are added to alloys composed of a mixture of Cu and Al so that the alloys have high tensile strength, elongation, as well as hardness, and in particular, excellent elevated temperature tensile strength and corrosion resistance. 
[Bronze alloys]
There are two types: Cu-Sn-Zn alloys which contain Pb and those which do not. These alloys have excellent pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, bearing performance, and machinability.
[Phosphor bronze alloys] 
P is added to Cu-Sn alloys so that they have improved tensile strength, hardness, and bearing performance. 
KAIBARA original materials
Bronze, lead bronze, and phosphor bronze have excellent seize resistance required for slide members, but have problems when it comes to strength. On the other hand, aluminum bronze and high-tension brass, which excel in strength, have problems when it comes to seize resistance. Accordingly, they have difficulty in enduring tough conditions in recent years, such as high pressure, high speed, and continuous casting.  
We developed KAIBARA original materials with extremely excellent seize resistance and abrasion resistance to solve the above problems.
Entering new fields (airplane industry and DLC film deposition)
[Entering the airplane industry]
So far, we have mainly cast and processed copper alloys. However, as a challenge for the next generation, we newly entered the airplane industry so as to obtain know-how, experience, and knowledge about the special processing of metals other than copper alloys. 
We have acquired the JISQ9100 certification, a standard for quality management systems in the aerospace industry. We have learned CAD/CAM, introduced cutting-edge large-sized processing equipment, automatic transferring machines, large-sized inspection equipment, etc., and newly established a factory equipped with cutting-edge equipment. 
By utilizing know-how accumulated in the aerospace field and the above equipment, in the future, we would like to meet the needs in not only the field of airplane parts, but also various fields such as the precision machining of difficult-to-machine materials and simultaneous 5-axis machining.
[Research and development of DLC film deposition]  
KAIBARA is researching and developing "DLC film deposition" that excels in sliding characteristics.
DLC is an abbreviation for Diamond-Like Carbon. DLC is amorphous rigid film that has a structure between diamond (sp3 structure) and graphite (sp2 structure). The film properties change according to conditions such as the ratio between sp3 structure and sp2 structure, hydrogen content, addition of other elements, and film forming methods.  
Features of the PBII & D film forming method
The base material is used as a plasma generating source.
Plasma is formed along the shape of the base material. (A film can be formed along complex shapes.)
A film can be formed even at low temperature (40ºC or above). (A film can be formed on aluminum, rubber, and plastics.) 
In vacuum equipment, plasma does not have to be transported. Therefore, plasma utilization efficiency increases.
This method can form a soft film that has low residual stress and high tracking performance in the case of transformation of the base material.
By utilizing the above features, KAIBARA is researching and developing films that conform to clients' needs which are not limited to sliding applications.