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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:43

Borg Technology Co.,Ltd

To put it simply, our business objective is to “Improve work efficiency and expand clients through system development”.

We work hard every day in the spirit of co-creation, with a focus on three main businesses: our consigned development business, our technical support business that requires advanced technical capabilities, and our automatic recognition equipment business in which we lease equipment according to purpose of use when needed, and sell equipment that will be used constantly.

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[Company Profile]
[Business Portfolio / Strong Point]
1. Software planning, design, production, and sales
2. Dispatch of staff for work related to software design, production, and maintenance
Acquired license for general work dispatching business - Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare License No. Ha-13-313925
3. Planning, production, and operation of websites on the Internet
4. Design and production of embedded software for mobile devices (handy terminals, PDAs, etc.)
[Core products and technology / Overview of products and services / Use cases]
Consigned development business
FA-related system
We provide optimum systems for all manner of production sites using computer automation support in order to solve problems of production sites that support monozukuri craftsmanship.
Handy terminal app
We provide various applications, from native applications to online applications and dedicated platforms, under various environments, including dedicated OS and general-purpose OS.
Smartphone app
We use the best and newest technology to provide dedicated applications, which are responsible for risk avoidance and cost reduction following the application.
Various systems
We provide various systems, from collecting sensing data to providing real-time information online and controlling devices via various interfaces.

Technical support business
Blockchain utilization support
Blockchain has become famous as a technology that supports cryptocurrencies. This technology is also known as a “distributed ledger”. It can manage and operate data in a decentralized manner, without a centralized management mechanism.
AI utilization support
We provide a wide range of system development and services from levels 1 to 4 of AI deep learning, such as improving business efficiency with AI technology, doing AI analysis of sensor data collected by Internet of Things, and providing a wide range of system development and services. 

Automatic recognition equipment business
Rental service
You can select equipment according the purpose of your work each time, for the timing and period required. Because it is a rental, no storage place or maintenance is required. Because it is not owned, there is no need for capitalization or asset management.
Sales service
Customers can purchase various equipment necessary for system operation with barcodes and OCR, as well as on-site improvements. We support selection of equipment according to operations and systems, rather than selection based on equipment.
[Representative’s Message]
With the progress of digitization of every single thing in the world, there is no end to the needs for system development in a variety of field, and many IT companies continue to expand their business scale while leaving behind many development achievements. However, we at Borg Technology dare to take a small number of elite corporate structures, and all employees are united with their respective clients. We value a “spirit of co-creation” in which, based on a deep understanding of the client's business, we work with our clients to consider the best solutions and develop systems that go beyond all demands. This “spirit of co-creation” can only be realized by our company, because we are a group of professionals with a select group of skilled staff. With this “feeling” in mind, we work hard every day.

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