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Latest update: 26/01/2022 13:12:48


Enabling researchers to freely analyze data.

For researchers equipped with analysis techniques to better concentrate on research, we strongly support duties required for research and surveys in universities, research institutions, or medical institutions. The support activities include the construction and maintenance of analysis servers for medical images or research applications.

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Construction and maintenance of analysis servers for research applications 
As for recent research in the fields of not only science and engineering, but also medical science, biology, psychology, etc., open-source software (OSS) for data analysis is being constantly developed and disclosed. 
This tendency in the latest analysis environment is indispensable for future research. On the other hand, the tendency leads to the insufficiency of research duties because each researcher has to take time in introducing or updating such software. 
By receiving orders for the construction and maintenance of analysis servers for research applications, we provide environments in which each staff member of research institutions can concentrate on his/her research activities while utilizing the latest analysis software.
Conducting psychological or behavioral experiments online 
We construct systems and support duties for conducting tasks and duties, which were originally conducted in person, online. Psychological or behavioral experiments, which were conducted by using NBS Presentation or PsychoPy, can now be conducted online, allowing subjects living in remote areas to take part in such experiments. 
Compared with the local environment, we have verified satisfactory response time accuracy in the online environment. Furthermore, strong security satisfies protection requirements for answered data including personal information.
Automatic tracking and analysis of physical objects, such as mice, which move around 
We use AI to track the actions and physical movements of animals captured on video.
We use OSS, such as DeepLabCut, for tracking them to detect a point on the physical object. The tracking results can automatically be analyzed. 
For example, in the case of tracking a mouse, its nose or tail is detected, and the number of specified actions can automatically be counted.   
Compared with visual observations, the automatic tracking eliminates human errors and can deal with massive amounts of data which cannot be manually dealt with.