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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:47

Seki Ironworks Co.,Ltd.

Our company based in Ota Ward does large parts processing, machining with horizontal boring machines, as well as assembly and maintenance for mechanical equipment.

Our main business is to manufacture machine parts by machining with large horizontal boring machines and MC milling. We can respond orders even for single parts, and deliver parts after completing the machining processes described in drawings (surface treatment, quenching, polishing, etc.).

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For people having trouble with processing large parts, post-processing of welded structures, or processing special shapes
Large parts processing
We can do special machining with large equipment, including large horizontal boring machines and MCs]
On a regular basis, we handle large machine parts such as frames, gear box cases, tables, and flanges which form the base for machinery, and we can finish them to fit the tolerances indicated in drawings. We also process various materials including foundry metal castings, stainless steel, and resins. Using our MC we can carve out shafts from the end face of long objects. Please contact us if you cannot meet the delivery deadline for the lathe process of long objects.
Post-processing of welding structures
[Post-processing to improve precision for welding parts of various shapes]
Many welding structures are used for machine parts, and there are many cases in which post-processing is disrupted by various shapes. Welded parts, such as machine frames, bases, arms, and struts, cannot simply be added to vices for processing. It requires considerable experience and knowledge about such matters as where to hold and which surface to cut. We can do machining of objects with various shapes at high precision.
Special processing including repairs and additional work
[We can remove broken bolts with machining and perform additional processing for machinery]
Threaded parts are often broken in machines actually used in the field. Sometimes they bite and cannot be removed easily, so they can only be removed by machining. If additional processing is necessary after assembly with a mechanical device, then the assembly can be mounted on the machine for additional processing, and repair is also possible. We can find the shortest distance for repairs and additional processing without decomposition, so contact us.
For people having trouble with repairs in agriculture, fisheries, or industrial machinery
Repairing agricultural machinery
[We can do replacement and on-site repairs of everything from regularly used machinery to electrical systems, including packing machines, conveyors, and more]
Many types of machinery are used in agriculture, but trouble most often arises when repairing machinery and equipment used after harvesting. We do repair and maintenance machinery used for sorting machines, washing machines, conveyors, packing machines, and more. We also consider how to redesign parts that get damaged or worn out over and over, in order to extend the useful life of machinery.
Repairing fishery industry machinery
[We can do replacement, maintenance, and on-site repairs of everything from rotary machines to electrical systems such as conveyors]
There are various types of machinery used in the fishery industry, including both machinery used on board and after landing a catch, but these often pose trouble when repairing or inspecting them. Especially for fishery industry machinery, lack of proper maintenance can cause severe actual losses due to sudden troubles. Damaged or worn parts can be found by doing maintenance. We also consider how to redesign parts that get damaged or worn out over and over, in order to extend the useful life of machinery.
Repairs of industrial machinery
[We repair and modify various machinery for different industries]
Various machines are used depending on the category, including packing machines, cutting machines, bookbinding machines, printing machines, and food production machines, and we will respond once we have seen the defective part. When there is wear or repair is required, even if we have no drawings, we can make a drawing and will manufacture, replace, and repair parts as required.

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