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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:22:48

GKI Co,. Ltd.

We will always be a company that serves the community and society while contributing to stronger competitiveness of companies and individuals.

There are many issues that companies must tackle, such as work style reform, retention of young employees, support for new technologies, and competition with other companies. In the DX era, one of the most important issues is “cultivation of human resources”, which are indispensable to business activities.
With regard to enhancing tech literacy, we are getting more requests from non-tech companies, and we have come to think that change has truly begun.
We will continue to provide “services needed by the world”, with the aim of supporting competitiveness.

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Our service concept is to “provide value above and beyond the price”
〇 Services for corporate customers
In order to solve management problems including business expansion, productivity improvement, and differentiation, we focus on human resources who support tech utilization, and provide services such as training, tech utilization design, and system development in the form of vertically integrated services. Through our training business, we support online training that can be accessed from anywhere in Japan, and also support applications for subsidies, providing overwhelming cost benefits.
Training for corporate customers
Tech boot camp (started in September)
Web system development
Tech human resource introduction program
Web streaming support service, etc.
New employee training for tech companies (application engineer)
Trainees develop technical skills and business skills as engineers through three months of off-the-job training.
With development exercises, trainees develop the ability to understand, think, create, and propose the essence of their own jobs.
In daily training, trainees develop the ability to take action by developing self-awareness as a member of society and understanding the need to strengthen skills.
Joint training for new employees pairs experienced and inexperienced employees together. The progress of training is consistent, but trainees work on issues that match their individual strengths in order to develop them.
In addition to conducting 3 months of training for new employees, we also share information that connects to their subsequent OJT. We aim for total training together with customers, and support them making grant applications.
Trainees can also participate online, from anywhere in Japan.
Individual guidance training for tech companies
You do not have enough employees to design training for a single company
You want to do new employee training in a language other than Java
You found good human resources outside the April hiring season and want to hire them, but can’t provide training

Our individual guidance training can respond to such requests. We accept trainees at any time, and can design a curriculum that meets the needs of our customers, with training for as few as a single trainee. Unlike training done for groups, we operate our training so that trainees can gain a deeper understanding while finding each individual’s skills.

We design our training that includes subsidy support, and provide training online, so trainees can participate from anywhere in Japan.

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