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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:22:49

Maeda Seisakusho Co.,Ltd.

We can manufacture it without drawings.

We develop and provide easy-to-use jigs that contribute to improved productivity.
We design and manufacture parts for old equipment that you had almost given up on.
We provide jigs that are easy to use for the user.

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Jigs, inspection equipment, labor-saving equipment, industrial models, and prototyping
Main partners
Panasonic Corporation, JOHNAN Corporation Okayama Office, NPO Corporation Okayama Prefecture Social Employment Center Council, Takaya Corporation, Yamasa Group, Fujioka Engineering Co., Ltd., Sunbridge Corporation
Toyo i tec Co., Ltd., Panasonic Kibi Corporation, iTEC-Giken Co., Ltd., 
Seitec Co., Ltd., Okayama Kuruma-isu Service K.K., Kibinosato, Mitsuboshi Textile Co., Ltd., 
Nihon Boeki Sangyo K.K., Kurashiki Towel K.K.
(In no particular order)
Suppliers, outsourcers
Daiwa Kosan, Nihon Denshin Co., Ltd., Takigen Mfg. Co., Ltd., Toritsu Machine Tool, Manarisu K.K., Kurashiki Laser Co., Ltd., DCT Inc., 
KITA Manufacturing Co., Ltd., KSS Limited, Misumi Group Inc., OLIP Co., Ltd., 
Koshin Denki Kogyo K.K., ZENBI Co., Ltd.
(In no particular order)
[Major equipment]
Machining center, 2 units: MORI SEIKI SV-400, MV-50E
Wire cut, 1 unit: Fanuc α-1IA
NC lathing, 1 unit: Takisawa Machine Tool TAC-360
General-purpose lathing, 1 unit: Daiwa DM-3H
Grinder, 1 unit: MITSUI MSG-250M
Drilling & milling machine, 1 unit: Bellmex LC-20A
Tap & drill ball machine, 1 unit: Nakane Tekko NST-13HD
Table drilling machine, 1 unit: BCL-130
Tool grinder, 1 unit: Iida Tekko GE-120S
Drill automatic grinder, 1 unit: OSG RDG-13S (custom made)
Air press machine, 1 unit: MASADA AHP-35
High-speed cutter machine, 1 unit: Kosoku Denki KCM-250A
Band saw, 1 unit: Luxo U-500A
Tapping machine (table compact lathing), 1 unit: Kiso Power Tool proxxon
Welding machine, 1 unit: DAIHEN Dyna-Auto-Mini 180BC
Air compressor, 2 units: Iwata Compact 75p, meiji GK-110D 6P
Power lift, 1 unit: PL-H350-15
Panel saw, 1 unit: Tanaka Kikai Full-auto S type
3D CAD/CAM software: Mastercam
3D CAD software: Solid Edge