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We are the manufacturer of heat-resistant and specialty paints that support Japanese industry!

Our company is technology-oriented, and has been in business for 47 years, so we can propose solutions to our customers’ problems.
Customers are sure to be satisfied with our heat-resistant and other specialty paints [moisture-curing heat-resistant paint, dew condensation prevention paint, paint for use on non-ferrous metals (glass, pottery, stainless steel, malleable aluminum alloy, copper, brass, magnesium alloy, ABS), anti-slip paint, non-flammable paint], quality (ISO9001 certified), high functionality, delivery time, and prices.

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Cures even at room temperature (moisture-curing heat-resistant paint)
Use scenes
Our heat-resistant paint uses silicone resin so they require baking for curing (thermosetting). However, the coating film is soft after it is applied, until it is baked. It may peel off due to external impacts, causing problems for our customers. We can ensure the hardness of this paint even at room temperature so long as there is moisture (HB level in 3 days at room temperature), greatly reducing hardness problem! If you are experiencing problems with products getting scratches during shipping or handling, try this paint!
When the substrate is iron, RTH-600 has heat resistance up to 600˚C, and when the substrate is stainless steel, it has heat resistance up to 540˚C.
Without primer, it exhibits the same anticorrosion properties as our 600˚C type. Depending on the environment, we can combine it with other paints, so please contact our sales office.
Distinctions from other companies' similar product
*While this is moisture-curable paint, it demonstrates excellent storage stability, and does not generate gel like film  on the surface of wet paint during coating.
*No primer is required, processes can be shortened.
Contributes to rust prevention in high humidity environments! (dew condensation prevention paint)
1.  This paint has excellent adhesion properties with various materials, thanks to optimization of our specialty water-based resin.
2. By using paint with good water absorption and moisture wicking properties, it is possible to exhibit excellent condensation control properties.
3.  By hybridization with ceramic aggregate, it forms a tough and highly flexible coating film.
4.  An eco-friendly water-based paint. (The primer is solvent-based)
Applications used
Preventing dew condensation on equipment in cold regions
Preventing rust in high humidity environments of 120˚C or less
This product can adhere to non-ferrous metals (glass, ceramics, ABS, wrought aluminum allows)!
This paint is a heat resistant paint for non-ferrous metals.
This is a room temperature curing type (two liquid type) paint with excellent weather resistance, and heat resistance up to 180˚C (clear up to 160˚C).
It has excellent adhesion properties, and be applied as a coating on various materials without a primer.
This high-performance paint offers excellent weather resistance, chemical resistance, salt water resistance, and contamination resistance. (Has been used as anti-contamination paint on expressway walls)
This paint offers both luster and weather resistance.
Coating can be done on non-ferrous metal surfaces (including copper, stainless steel, and magnesium alloys, in addition to those materials listed in the title.)
Protects materials from rust under high temperature and high humidity! (CUI guard)
(1) Corrosion prevention on the outer surface piping wrapped in heat insulation material. [Heat-resistance temperature (max): Up to 200˚C]
(2) Demonstrates excellent rust prevention qualities even in weak acidic air!
Reducing running costs, including the removal of coating film, sanding, recoating, and rewinding of heat insulation materials due to rust.
Contributes to prevention of slip accidents! (one liquid aggregate ready-mixed paint)
(1) Scaffolding, stairs, railings, etc. on temporary construction sites
(2) Decks on ships, stairs, ladders, emergency stairs (outdoors), sloping floors, ramps, etc. in plants, factories, and other worksites
(3) Locations prone to slip accidents, including truck steps, roofs of box-shaped cargo decks on trucks, roofs of rolling stock
(1) It has a fire-resistant property.
(2) It dries quickly, the coating film is tough, and it has excellent wear resistance.
(3) It has excellent water resistance.
(4) Even if sparks from welding fall on coated surfaces, they will not burn.
(5) We also have a water-based type for factory indoor use, which significantly reduces the solvent odor.
This is a one liquid type, with an aggregate already mixed, so there is no need to spread the aggregate after coating.
If you have solvent odor problem, less odor type, Water-based type, is available.

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