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Latest update: 06/04/2023 16:20:49

Tanikiyo Food Machine

A venture company that develops food sterilization machinery and environmental soundproofing equipment

We design, manufacture, and sell equipment that can be installed on production conveyor lines, such as food processing equipment that uses steam heat sources, steam heating chambers, steam sterilizers, food steamers, factory environment improvement equipment, and soundproof inspection rooms.

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Sales Pitch

Development Product Lineup
Microwave vacuum dehydration device
Dehydrating food in -98 Kpa to -101.2 Kpa vacuum conditions 
By creating a vacuum, the boiling point is lowered, and food can be dried at temperatures of -10° C to 40° C.
No heat is applied, so there is almost no food deterioration.
Makes dehydration faster (about 4 to 6 hours for leafy vegetables).
It also enables dehydration of black garlic, which has a high sugar content.
With steam control, it can be used for everything from cooking to sterilization.
It is now possible to sterilize raw leafy vegetables.
Spore-forming fungi can be sterilized in a short time with a microwave heating device.
Soundproof inspection room
In a manufacturing line with a bad environment such as loud noise, products can be inspected without stopping conveyance.
The soundproof shutter for loading and unloading products is also opened and closed with an air cylinder. It can be opened and closed several hundred times a day without any problems.
The chamber is also a soundproof box where an air conditioner with a silencer can be installed, so that tests and inspections can be performed in the best environment.
Fermentation Box "Hakko Kuro Ninniku" (fermented black garlic)
We can produce 250,000 fermented black garlic in one time and 750,000 in one month! Low fuel consumption of ¥25 yen per head of garlic
We can produce 750,000 black garlic in one month (3 rotations) and realize high quality mass production.
Quick heating with boiler steam. The temperature and humidity are sequence controlled, making it safe to operate automatically, and fuel consumption is low at about ¥25 per head of garlic.
Ferment 250,000 garlic per rotation
Able to produce 750,000 black garlic in one month
Quick heating with boiler steam
Sequence control for temperature and humidity
Low fuel consumption and automatic operation




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