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Latest update: 24/08/2022 12:18:03


We are a group of cutting tool experts who focus on cutting. We manufacture mechanical blades for manufacturing and industrial use and gardening blades with excellent cutting sharpness and durability.

We are a manufacturer of mechanical blades for manufacturing and industrial use, chipper knives, plastic-shredding rotary blades, and other mechanical blades, as well as gardening blades that feature cutting sharpness, durability, and ease of sharpening to withstand harsh environments.

We also excel at manufacturing products with complex shapes, and we conduct high-mix low-volume production.

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Items handled
Machine blades
We are capable of manufacturing machine blades (mainly rotary blades and cutting blades for manufacturing and industrial use) through machining processes such as NC milling and grinding.

We support high-mix low-volume production and flexibly accommodate requests for prototypes and so on.

Chipper knives
Plastic crushers: Rotary blades/fixed blades
Uniaxial crushers: Rotary blades/fixed blades
Various cutters for round bars, etc.
Sawdust crusher blades
Cutters for food products
Cutting tools for agriculture and gardening
We create user-friendly products that combine sharpness, durability, and ease of sharpening, taking into account the harsh working environment in which they are used.

Trimming shears, small farming tools, hoes, regional hoes, thin sickles, mid-thickness sickles, thick sickles, afforestation sickles, grass cutters, machetes, axes, hoes and rakes, push cutters, wedges, etc.

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