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Latest update: 01/11/2021 17:05:33

Yoshida Industry Corporation.

“Let’s give it a shot,” is our motto, and our management policy is to maintain our challenger spirit.

We have precision processing technology for machining and forging of titanium alloy and other difficult-to-cut materials, which we cultivated by processing parts for eyeglasses. We have also entered the fields of musical instrument parts and medical parts. We have equipment such as NC lathes and machining centers, so we can meet all demands of micromachining.


Sales Pitch

“Let’s give it a shot,” is our motto, and our management policy is to maintain our challenger spirit.
Precision machining and forging of titanium alloys and stainless steel
We excel at precision processing of metals. In particular, we have technology for processing difficult-to-cut such as titanium alloys.
We have entered various fields, including eyeglasses parts (hinges, screws, pipes, pins, washers), musical instrument parts (flute parts, woodwind instrument parts), medical equipment parts (endoscopic parts, dental equipment parts, surgical tool parts), ornamentation, leisure goods, etc. We have the largest share of professional woodwind instrument parts, and in 2019 we started operation of polishing robots (“Fukui Open Innovation Promotion Agency”, a project of collaboration among industry, universities, and the government).
It does more than just round bar machining!
We have various processing machines, including NC lathes and NC compound automatic lathes, machining centers (now with a DMG MORI 5-shafts machine!), compact machining centers, press machines, 300 ton hydraulic press and wire electrical discharge machine, hinge processing machine (automatically supplied by robots), and eyeglasses special parts processing machines. We offer one-stop support for complex and delicate machining and forging. We can even do processing of titanium alloys (Ti-6AL-4V, beta titanium, pure titanium, etc.), stainless steel (SUS303, SUS304, SUS420J2, austenite, martensite, ferrite, etc.), aluminum alloys (A5052, etc.), brass (C3602, C3604, etc.), copper alloys, nickel silver (C7521, C7541, C7941, etc.), gold, silver, Inconel, and other metals. We are “metalworking generalists”, capable of doing surface treatments on difficult-to-machine materials, as well as anodizing titanium, and laser marking. We can also do small lot manufacturing and trial manufacturing.
Meet the expectations of QCD from customers
We have obtained ISO9001 (2015) and ISO13485 certifications, as well as medical device manufacturing certification, and we have established a quality QMS system, making us confident in our quality.
In our Technology Development Division, there are 9 employees (11.5% of employees), who innovate technology on a daily basis. We have also established an in-house system capable of offering low prices and short turnaround times from customers, using robots and process improvements. We have declared “Security Action” (2 stars) implemented by Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA) in order to realize a safe and secure IT society.

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