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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:50

L.C Corporation

We settle your issues with our advanced laser cutting technology.

We focus on laser machining of machine parts, sheet metal parts, concrete formwork products, and so on, and can also handle welding and 3D modeling using a 3D printer.

We can perform cutting and machining processing of a wide range of materials, including sheets, square pipes, stainless steel, aluminum, and acrylic.

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Sales Pitch

Laser machining
Iron products
We can handle machining with plate thicknesses from 0.5t up to 25t.

Stainless steel products
We can handle machining with plate thicknesses from 0.01t up to 16t.

We can even cut thin plates (from SUS 0.01) accurately in shapes that meet your requirements.

Clean cutting
We can neatly handle clean cutting of even thick materials.

Pipe cutting
We can cut pipes up to 3 meters in length.

Angle machining (laser cutting)

Other machined products
Fine cutting and signboard text. We have a rich inventory of materials and a wide variety of types to meet your orders.
Bending and welding
In addition to general bending, we can also perform complex bending and welding to create integrated products.

We can handle even large thick materials with inching machining.

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