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Latest update: 21/12/2021 11:04:52

kobayashisaburouindustry Co., LTD

Established in 1969. Specialized in lathe processing and micromachining. Milling.
Using our accumulated know-how, we do a wide variety of precision machining, including iron, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, resin, additional machining, and in-kind corrections.

We specialize in high-mix low-volume production centered on lathes, micromachining, and milling.
Supported material diameter: φ10 - φ500
Lot: Trial manufacturing of single item -medium lots of about 300 pieces
We handle heat treatment, surface treatment, welding, and polishing at our cooperating factories.
We look forward to your inquiry, and we will respond as flexibly as possible to your requested delivery date.

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Business Portfolio, Company Profile
Business Portfolio
Rubber product manufacturing equipment parts, plastic product manufacturing equipment and dies and molds parts, industrial machine parts, jig manufacturing.
Company Profile
We have done lathe processing for many years in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture, and have produced a wide variety of products.
We do micromachining in the range of φ10 - φ350, which is our specialty.
Utilizing our know-how accumulated over many years, we shorten lead time by using NC machines and general-purpose machines (that do deep hole machining and drilling not possible with NC machines) to do manufacturing with optimal processes.
Process consolidation with micromachining centers
Using micromachining centers to do the 2 processes normally performed as lathing, then machining, there is no need for setup changes or reset clamps, which improves accuracy and aids in cost reduction.
It can also do diagonal hole machining without jigs and setup changes.

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