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Latest update: 02/02/2023 17:09:50

Line Seiki Co., Ltd.

As a counter manufacturer with 70 years of history, our strength is in “counting numbers”
We are always evolving to keep up with the times!

Even as the times change, there is always a need to “count numbers”. Since the establishment of our company, we have provided various counters needed in each era.
We also undertake various challenges with new ideas unconstrained by conventional products, by applying the strengths of our “counting” technology, such as starting development of Internet of Things products that including “visualization” of production sites.

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We have earned trust and achieved results with a variety of counters since the founding of our company
Counter products that support social infrastructure behind the scenes
We have cultivated “counting” technology over many years since the founding of our company. Our technology is used in a wide variety of situations, including rarely seen places such as in infrastructure equipment and industrial machinery, as well as in traffic volume surveys and counting visitors to events.
Our extensive lineup supports a variety of applications
We continue to evolve to meet the needs and applications of the times, and we are preparing a rich product lineup.
Experiences and achievements cultivated over many long years
Our experience and achievements, built as we overcome the changing times, are precious assets not held by our competitors.
There are things only we can do, as a company that has been involved in counters for many long years.
“Visualization” products provided by a counter manufacturer
“Gemba Reporter”, an essential item for improving production sites
There are many “visualization” products available in the world, but in many cases the expected results have not been obtained from their introduction.
Taking advantage of our strengths as a counter manufacturer, we have developed the product Gemba Reporter, which correctly acquires, aggregates, and arranges various information hidden on production sites, which can be used to take appropriate actions to make improvements.
No large investments are required, easy to install in existing equipment
Gemba Reporter does not require major system modifications, and it can be easily installed and used with existing equipment.
Nonstop evolution to adapt to the needs of the changing times
Various challenges aimed at realizing a better society
As a counter manufacturer and SME, we continue to undertake the challenge of developing businesses in niche areas while meeting the needs of the times, such as developing original “visualization” products.

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