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Making proposals for industrial value and social value with insulation systems

We respect people around the world and the global environment, and are working to create new value through “insulation technology”.

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[Company History]
Since our founding in 1914, we have operated as a cutting edge specialist manufacturer to produce numerous products for market, using both traditional skills and new skills cultivated over many years. As a manufacturer of insulation tapes for heavy electrical appliances, we boast a top-class market share in Japan, and the quality of our products has been ranked among the best in the world. Our business domain started from our historied and reliable insulator business. In order to respond to the changing needs of customers, we are also focusing on the development of the circuit board business and coil business, and we are actively working on new fields in Japan and abroad.
[Business Portfolio]
Insulation System
Here we introduce the Rika-FINE insulation system made by Nippon Rika Group, focused on mica materials. We provide a wide range of functional products, such as mica tape, mica sheets, and stator coils.

Heat dissipating circuit boards materials
We do it all, from providing materials for, to designing and mounting metal-based circuit boards. Using our accumulated insulation technology, we provide metal-based circuit boards and power modules with excellent heat dissipation performance.

Trading, handled products
Here we introduce products handled by the Nippon Rika Group in the capacity of a vendor. We handle a variety of products, including insulation materials, silicone products, and self-controlled heaters.

Functional laminated materials
Here we introduce functional laminated materials handled by Nippon Rika Group. We meet the needs of our customers in a wide range of applications, such as high-spec electrical and electronic applications, as well as conventional heavy electrical applications.

Coil molding / taping machines
We respond to customer needs through engineering, sales, and after-sales service for bar and coil manufacturing equipment for generators and motors manufactured by overseas subsidiaries of the Nippon Rika Group. 

Real estate
In addition to leasing two “Sumitomo Oimachi Buildings” with a sublease contract, the group company NRK Sogo Kikaku Co., Ltd. has compiled a wide range of high-quality properties centered on land for sale in and around Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture.
[Representative’s Message]
As a manufacturer specialized in electrical insulation materials, we have launched many products into the market using traditional techniques, as well as know-how cultivated over many years. No company, no matter how prosperous it may be, is not guaranteed a bright future by its past or present alone. A society that is fiercely competitive globally can create a wide-spread drop in prices and provide new value to society, but the victory or defeat of a company becomes apparent in a short period of time. One must assume the value of a company is determined by the market, rather than the company itself. Following this awareness of the times, the Nippon Rika Group has established management philosophy based on the idea that “a company solves problems for customers.” We aim to be a company chosen as a partner to solve problems that our customers are currently facing. We also hope that our strengths create solutions, resulting in new markets and products. For that reason, all employees will work together with one aspiration, so we can operate as a specialized manufacturer of electrical insulation materials that is loved by our customers without forgetting the spirit of our company's founding. We look forward to your continued support and guidance in the future.

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