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Miyamoto Electric Horn Co.,Ltd.

Excelling at mass production of electrical and mechanical parts in Japan

・More than 80 years of experience in electrical parts and mechanical parts for automobiles
 (horns, relays, buzzers, electronic units (EMS))
・Realize prices that are competitive globally with mass production technology for mechanical parts
・Capable of implementing design, trial manufacturing, and mass production (setting up automated lines) in-house
・All of our products are made in Japan, and we actively use Japanese manufacturers when procuring parts
・We inspect all products before shipment
・Capable of long-term continuous supply of up to 15 years

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Sales Pitch

Introduction of Miyamoto Electric Horn Co., Ltd.
Business Portfolio
[List of Services Offered]
(1) Manufacturing products (commissioned production / new development)
… We can do integrated design, trial manufacturing, mass production (development of automated lines).
(2) Circuit board mounting services (EMS)
… Implemented at the mounting factory on our company premises / Mounting Capacity: Lead part insertion machines, chip parts up to 0402 
(3) Commissioned testing services
… We use our testing equipment to do quality testing of customers’ products on their behalf.

[Production results using automated lines]
Horns: 200,000 units/month
Relays: 1,500,000 units/month
Buzzers: 200,000 units/month

[Production results with manual labor]
Buzzers: 100s-1,000s units/month
Electronic Units: 1,000s units/month
Our strengths
[Quality of Goods]
We produce highly reliable and long life products, using quality control technology cultivated in the automobile industry.
・All of our products are made in Japan
・We actively seek Japanese manufacturers when procuring parts
・We use safe design that does not easily cause defects in the development stage
・We inspect all of our products

[Service Quality]
Based on many years of transactions with major companies, we have developed a system capable of accurately handling the following.
・Delivery precision
・Preparing and submitting various forms
・Promptly delivering substitute goods in the unlikely event of defects
・Analyzing defective products and making cause reports

[Long-term Supply Capacity]
Through the following practices, we can continue to supply the same product for at least 15 years
・We prioritize the use of parts from Japanese manufacturers in order to reduce part procurement risk
・In the unfortunate event that a part is discontinued, we will quickly buy up remaining stock and make design changes

[Cost competitiveness improved through automation]
We can do in-house development of automated production lines, enabling us to realize globally competitive costs while still pursuing excellent quality.
・Coordination technology that can optimize for each material lot
・Mass production technology for parts with a mechanical structure
・Development technology for manufacturing processes that are less prone to causing defects
Transaction Record / Certification
We have done direct transactions with several major automobile manufactures for more than 80 years.

・ Delivery of in-house developed products (horn, relay, buzzer).
・ Delivery of commissioned products (electronic units). *We can also do in-house design

ISO14001 certifications obtained.


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