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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:40

Apollo Giken Co.,Ltd.

Making machines like no one else can

There is no end to downsizing and functionality enhancement of electronics such as cellular phones. As you know, this process is supported by the evolution of the electronic devices used there. We at Apollo Giken develop and manufacture production equipment for the mass production of such advanced devices.
Development always starts from nothing.
Creating new value with no examples to use as a model,
And contributing to Japanese monozukuri craftsmanship is the mission of Apollo Giken.

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Sales Pitch

Labor-saving automation of coil winding machines and downsizing of equipment
Downsizing of equipment
We manufacture labor-saving equipment that meets the needs of diverse customers, such as our core product, coil winding machines.
Each time, we design with consideration for productivity per unit area of equipment, making our technology useful for customers who want to install a large number of equipment in a limited space.
Parts feeder
We also manufacture parts feeders installed on our in-house equipment, and we sell these part feeders individually.
We are able to offer integrated support for everything from part supply to equipment.
Heater tip
Heater chips installed in our equipment are also manufactured in-house, and we sell individual heater chips as well.
We also study the replacement of existing heater chips, so please contact us.

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