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Bringing Eco HASHI chopsticks to the world!

Our company does planning, manufacturing, and wholesale of Wakasa lacquered chopsticks and Japanese miscellaneous goods, and we are also a consulting company for Japanese miscellaneous goods stores. We make lacquered chopsticks that are beautiful, useful for daily life, and environmentally friendly. We also support OEM, including logo marks and original colors.

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Sales Pitch

Eco-Friendly and sustainable HASHI chopsticks
Business Description /  Strengths
In Japan’s top lacquered chopsticks production area with a history of 400 years, we produce [PURE JAPAN MADE] chopsticks with a focus on hand-made shaping and coating.
We carefully select trees that have been felled to protect the mountains, and arrange the unlacquered wood, then carefully lacquer each piece and complete the chopsticks after they have passed through the hands of many craftsmen. This is the relay race of unseen bonds of trust.
We do not use imported lumber that has been recklessly felled, craftsmen who have been held down by unfairly cheap wages, or paint whose ingredients we do not know. 
We will continue to promote [PURE JAPAN MADE] to the world, with the belief that a time will come when this initiative will no longer be a new initiative.
Outline and use cases of major products, technology, goods, and services
・Our main collections OEDO and ihana are sustainable chopstick series made to cultivate Japanese forests. They contribute to saving water, power, and labor, as well as CO2 reduction.
・We use traceable high-quality Fukui cedar thinned wood. Practicing “PURE JAPAN MADE,” we aim for the effective use of sustainable forest resources through integrated production in lumber production areas.
・Light and comfortable to the touch. The tips of the chopsticks have a non-slip finish. It is also used for novelty goods, and we also support OEM, such as logo marks and original colors.
Message from the Representative
We are putting into practice two of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) advocated by the United Nations: “12. Responsible consumption and production and “15. Life on land.”
Rather than relying on imported wood or environmentally harmful plastics to make chopsticks, as has been the case in the past, we replace them with domestic wood to work toward reducing oil energy costs and CO2 emitted by importing wood. We also aim to contribute to realizing a low-carbon society by increasing the amount of CO2 that can be absorbed by mountains and forests by appropriately consuming domestic forest resources.
At the same time, by promoting the effective use of domestic lumber, we hope to restore monozukuri craftsmanship to a cyclical system that is easier to access and commit to, and help the sustainability of production areas.
We have a strong record of doing transactions and development with overseas companies
We have distributors in East Asia and do a high volume of direct export from Japan to the US and EU. We can also support MD for cross-border EC platforms. We have achievements supporting both online and offline.


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Last update:09/12/2022

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