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Latest update: 06/04/2023 14:32:10

Form Co., Ltd.

We are a design company that makes design-driven proposals one step ahead of the rest.

We plan, style, and design everything from daily necessities such as kitchen utensils, stationery, and baby goods, to medical equipment and electrical appliances. We also accept all kinds of work, from graphic design for packages, logos, and pamphlets necessary for product promotion to website creation.

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Product development: design concept functionality + beauty
There are various steps in product development, from the planning and research stages to mass production and sales. Our experienced staff respond and provide support at each stage, helping create products that users want while reflecting the requests of the client.

In addition to the beauty of styling, we also emphasize functionality and ease of use. The product designers do processing and verification with their own hands, so they can reflect the detailed design in the product.
Development process
Step 1. Survey
We conduct various surveys such as related product surveys, potential issues with the client’s own products, compatibility between needs and seeds, and user purchase awareness, to find the direction of the brand and reflect it in the design requirements.

Step 2. Planning
We analyze survey results to identify product planning and design requirements, such as specifications and retail prices. For abstract goals such as “soft” and “light movement”, we measure related products and prototypes with various measuring instruments, then set numerical goals as much as possible.

Step 3. Design requirements / idea development
We do specific product ideation based on design requirements. We produce deliverables that match the phase, such as rough concept sketches, ideas for complex mechanisms, and 3D renderings of finished products.

Step 4. Verification
The purpose of creating a mockup varies depending on the phase, such as verifying size and usability, and checking operation of parts. We create mockups using appropriate creation methods and materials and conduct verification.

Step 5. Design / Trial Manufacturing
Detailed design is done using CAD.
We design according to the situation, such as drawings for trial manufacturing and product drawings usable for dies and molds design. We have a variety of equipment to give shape to your ideas. (Lathes, band saws, drilling machines, 2D/3D CAD, 3D printers, large printers)

Step 6. Dies and Molds
We create working prototypes (materials, exterior finish, operation, etc. the same as the product), have the target actually use it, and do tests against the design requirements. We solve various manufacturing issues while interacting with engineers and factories.
Main fields
Kitchen goods, vehicles, transportation equipment, disability aid equipment, information equipment, communication equipment, baby goods, stationery, daily goods, sporting goods, office equipment, tableware, furniture, toys, medical supplies, etc.
plus f
In addition to design development work, we also operate the kitchenware specialty store “plus f”.
We handle appealing kitchen utensils, foods, and household goods, with a focus on products designed and developed at the request of OXO, a kitchen utensil manufacturer in New York.