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We particularly excel at aluminum, and handle material procurement, in-house production of parts, unique machining systems, assembly technology, and contract manufacturing

We contribute to society through contract manufacturing and sales of various metal products and processed products centering on aluminum. We will continue to provide services that satisfy our customers with integrated support in stages from design and prototyping to mass production.

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Jointly developed products
We support your Monozukuri craftsmanship with our flexible responses from design to prototyping and manufacturing.

1. Material procurement 
In procuring shaped aluminum materials, we can meet your needs at low cost through cooperation with extrusion manufacturers.

2. Parts manufacturing
We manufacture various parts necessary for product manufacturing in-house, centering on pressed products made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and so on.

3. Machining system
We make effective use of our original machining system (Sash-IN) in processing shaped materials, and manufacture products with reduced initial costs for processing dies and other equipment.

4. Support for high-mix low-volume production 
By reducing product development costs and initial costs, we can also flexibly support small-lot products and small-lot production in the early stages of a product launch.
Building window sash business
As an agent for building materials of Fuji Sash Co., Ltd., we manufacture and sell building sashes, curtain walls, and other sash products, as well as plate bending products such as copings and exterior panels, throughout the Hokuriku and Kansai regions.

In Fukui, Shiga, Kyoto, and Osaka, we have a direct sales function that handles everything from design to manufacturing and installation, and we are developing meticulous sales activities to meet the needs of local customers.

Recently, in response to the increasing diversification of products and shorter lead times, we have introduced our own equipment and production system (Sash-IN). In March 2009, our head office factory became a factory certified under the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS A 4706:2000; scope of certification: ordinary sashes), with the aim of further improving our quality and customer service.
Parts business
We manufacture and sell a variety of parts, with a focus on press-worked products, centering on the field of construction materials.

Our main products include pressed parts made from aluminum, stainless steel, steel and other plate material, formed parts made from extruded aluminum, various screw products, resin products, and other composite products, with a total of about 10,000 items under management.

We have an integrated system for handling processes from single-die and progressive press work to NC machining, tapping, welding, barrel polishing, and various other machining processing to assembly.

In addition, we have parts painting facilities in-house, so we can quickly handle painting of small-lot parts.
Shaping products business
As an agent of extrusion manufacturers, we sell shaped aluminum and other processed shapes.

In our shaped products sales, we flexibly support various customer needs, from press work such as cutting, drilling, and notching to precision machining using long machining centers.

By taking advantage of the characteristics of aluminum, such as lightness, resistance to corrosion, and ease of recycling, as well as the processing technology we have cultivated through manufacturing various products, we are developing our business in the building materials field, and also in diverse fields such as weak current and chemicals.
Shaped plate processing business
As an agent for aluminum plate manufacturers, we also engage in wholesale sales of plates. We can meet a wide range of needs, from large orders to small-lot orders, and we also focus on sales of machined products using our own machining equipment.

For aluminum composite plates, which have been attracting attention in recent years, we purchase directly from manufacturers and respond to a wide variety of customer requests, from material sales to machined products.

In addition, we machined and installed the wall panels of our own warehouse.
Aluminum products business
We produce various products using aluminum on an OEM basis. Our strength lies in our ability to provide integrated handling from material procurement to processing, assembly, and packaging.

We procure materials from our partner extrusion manufacturers, produce parts in-house, and use our own processing system to meet customer needs in small lots and at low cost.

In addition, we are not just a contract manufacturer. We also assist our customers in product creation from the product development stage, including design and prototyping, so please make use of our technology and ideas for your product development.
Private brand products business
We design, manufacture, and sell our own original products based on the know-how we have cultivated through many years of designing and manufacturing jointly developed aluminum products.

When we refer to our private brand (PB) products business, we mean both our strong determination to expand sales of our original products through our own sales channels, and our hope that customers will regard our PB products as their own planned products (private brand).

As a start, we are manufacturing and selling our original high-grade entrance screen doors and blind-type storm shutters.
Exterior products business
We manufacture, sell, and also install exterior products such as our originally developed aluminum handrails, louvers, partitions, gates, and so on, from our base in Hanyu City, Saitama Prefecture.

We have a great deal of experience in installation work throughout the Kanto region, and we are able to provide original design proposals from the creation of a design image according to your request.

In addition to sales of exterior products, we also offer system sales centering on sales of materials for aluminum exterior products to meet your needs.

This is a new form of sales that allows us to supply the necessary materials and parts in the required quantity.
Machining system manufacturing and distribution
This machining system is part of the know-how we have accumulated through our various machining operations based on aluminum extrusion moldings.

The system was originally developed to reduce the burden of mold investment in the sash machining field. We are now introducing it to sash distribution and processing stores and customers who process shapes as an innovative system that can quickly respond to market needs for high-mix low-volume and cell production.

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