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Latest update: 21/04/2022 13:45:50


We are now developing the VIGAKU LAB. cleansing brush, a toothbrush that removes stains cleanly with water alone.

Our high-density two-stage bristle implantation technology achieves high-density bristle implantation about 115% higher than regular toothbrushes.

The high cleaning performance of our toothbrushes has been highly evaluated by their users.

In addition, as a local Monozukuri craftsmanship company, we accept a wide range of visitors to inspect our company and experience making toothbrushes. We are also developing activities such as visiting toothbrush factory sessions and visiting classes on Monozukuri craftsmanship in response to requests from local events and educational institutions.

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Product information
VIGAKU LAB. was born from our company's 80-plus years of history in toothbrush manufacturing and realizes wishes for beautiful teeth with the high functionality of cleaning with just water.

The high-density two-stage bristle implantation technology and high-quality spiral filament material we have developed over many years have earned high praise from customers, who say that stains are cleaned even with just water and their teeth become smooth.
VIGAKU LAB. high-density bristle implantation
VIGAKU LAB. is made with high-density two-stage bristle implantation technology. VIGAKU LAB. has a higher density of bristles than our conventional products. By inserting more filaments (bristle material) into the limited implantation area, we have achieved a reliable brushing and cleaning feel that cleans teeth even with water alone, along with a refreshing feel.
All VIGAKU LAB. products are fully inspected
With bristles densely implanted one by one, our VIGAKU LAB. cleansing brushes are good products, almost like handmade articles. In addition, they are all subjected to full inspections.

As well as inspections by our professional staff, we also conduct a severe bristle extraction inspection that is 2.5 times stricter than the JIS standard, and check the bristle implantation area using a special digital microscope.

This is how we manufacture VIGAKU LAB. cleansing brushes under thorough quality control, all the way to checking the number of filaments after bristle implantation.