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Latest update: 01/11/2021 16:20:42

Sunsho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

We encapsulate and formulate materials to enhance their operability and effects.  

We encapsulate and formulate various materials to process them into forms that are more easily handled and effective. We enhance the value of materials with high quality derived from cutting-edge equipment and techniques of skillful workers, and with client-oriented as well as consistent flexibility for processes ranging from design and manufacturing to packaging.  

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[Introduction of our company]
We encapsulate and formulate various materials to process them into forms that are more easily handled and effective. 
When it comes to capsules, you may imagine pharmaceuticals and health foods. However, they are used for a variety of purposes such as mouth fresheners, seasoning oil, fragrance, bath additives, and paint bullets. The use of capsules is not limited to things that affect humans. Capsules make materials such as those that should not be directly touched by humans, that are used in the natural world, and that easily separate and require agitation during addition, safe and easy to handle, to allow for effective release of ingredients.
Capsules are made from raw materials derived from nature. Capsules are highly biodegradable, safe to humans as well as the environment, and formulated to release ingredients in response to various causes such as stomach acid in the case of an oral intake.
We provide high quality products derived from cutting-edge equipment and techniques of skillful workers, have abilities to make client-oriented proposals, and provide consistent flexibility for processes ranging from the design and manufacturing to packaging of products. By utilizing these capabilities, we are able to provide a one-stop solution for capsulation and formulation that enhance material value.
[Summaries of products and services]
[Strengths of our company]
1) High quality backed by cutting-edge equipment and high formulation techniques of skillful workers with abundant know-how on manufacturing.
2) Ability for proposing client-oriented solutions which are based on the development of new formulation technologies and on the visualization of manufacturing processes or product development processes.
3) Readiness for supporting clients in a one-stop manner. The support ranges from the provision of information on health food market trends, raw materials, and formulation to the design, development, manufacturing, and packaging of products.
Our solutions
We mass-produce not only general pharmaceutical dosage forms (hard or soft capsules, tablets, and granules), but also highly functional capsules that include "quickly soluble capsules" which quickly dissolve in your mouth or hot water, capsules which do not dissolve in the stomach but dissolve in the intestine to deliver active ingredients to it, and water-resistant capsules which can be stably combined with water-based liquids such as drinks and face lotion.  
Furthermore, we mass-produce "seamless capsules" which have no seams and the shape of which is that of pearls. Recently, we succeeded in the development of "Uniorb (R)", an epoch-making technology for formulating a kind of "capsule without a film". We are expanding the possibilities of formulation technologies. One example is that we succeeded in stable combinations of ingredients that had conventionally been difficult.
In September 2020, we established a development laboratory, the ADC (Application Development Center), in which we can make, evaluate, and study prototypes in consultation with clients, in Oimachi, Tokyo. In this way, we are strengthening not only technological competitiveness, but also "capabilities for co-creating products" with clients. 
Achievements of our company
Trading results
We have done business with more than 200 companies in and outside Japan. Of them, approx. 50 companies are leading companies in their industries. (Please allow us to refrain from mentioning the names of the client companies due to the nature of our service, contract-based processing.)
Industrial property rights
We have applied for more than 50 patents. Of them, 26 are registered patents whose rights are still owned by our company, and others are patents which are pending. We have applied for patents not only in Japan, but also in many other territories including the USA, Europe, and China. Our representative patents that have already been registered include patent no. 4500000 for vegetable-based soft capsules, 4968820 for multilayered coating films, and 5581446 for seamless capsules (all of which are Japanese patents).
Approval and licenses that we have obtained
Manufacture of medicinal chemicals. Health Food GMP (JHNFA), cGMP (NSF), and the mini HACCP certification approved and provided by Shizuoka Prefecture
[History of media coverage]
"2.5 billion yen on R & D facilities, aiming at expanding its operations with new materials", appeared in the electronic edition of The Nihon Keizai Shimbun on Feb. 15, 2021.
"Trial production of capsules at laboratory, together with clients", appeared in the Shizuoka edition of The Nihon Keizai Shimbun on Jun. 11, 2020 
TV program
"Party supporting growing companies in Shizuoka" on Shizuoka Asahi Television on Apr. 12, 2019
Industry journals
"Atsuhara Factory: Craftsmen's techniques supporting high-quality manufacturing", appeared in Health Life Business on Mar. 15, 2021.
"Interview with Chairman & CEO & President", appeared in Health Life Business on Jan. 15, 2021. 
"Craftsmen in manufacturing capsules", appeared in Health Life Business on Dec. 1, 2020.
[Greetings from our CEO & President]
Greetings to J-GoodTech member companies from the CEO & President Yasuhiko Ishikawa 
Since our foundation, Sunsho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has been supported by many clients in the pharmaceutical/health food industry, thanks to our high technical capabilities and excellent quality management. Since 2014 in which we were affiliated with The Carlyle Group in the USA, we have been actively making investments to enrich our capabilities for each of technology, production, and customer care. The investment targets include the construction of the Nanryo Factory which has Japan's top-class capacity for manufacturing soft capsules, the opening of the Innovation Center (the completion of which is estimated in 2022) adjoining the Nanryo Factory, and the opening of the ADC (Application Development Center) in Tokyo, a base for co-creation with our clients in Sep. 2020. We registered with J-GoodTech at this time to make ourselves known to companies or organizations in not only the pharmaceutical/health food industry, but also other industries. We would be pleased if our registration with J-GoodTech leads to encounters with clients whom we have not known and to opportunities for clients in various industries to utilize the solutions that we provide. Please check our information and feel free to contact our staff.

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