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Latest update: 06/04/2023 12:36:21

VRAIN Solution, Inc.

Aiming at establishing automated inspection systems for quality inspection

VRAIN Solution, Inc. is a company supporting the promotion of DX (Digital Transformation) in the manufacturing industry.
Our main businesses are providing the AI visual inspection system "Phoenix", which we independently developed to automate quality inspection that utilizes AI, and offering "DX consulting" which is based on analyzed data and dedicated to supporting measures, ranging from proposals to implementation, against various on-site problems.

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Sales Pitch

Solving issues related to quality inspection by introducing the automated inspection system "Phoenix"
Equipped with multiple AI algorithms, "Phoenix" can be utilized with various inspections.
Since "Phoenix" is mainly equipped with four AI algorithms, the algorithm that is best suited to the target defect item can be selected. 
Selecting the best algorithm allows for high-precision learning of the defect item which should be detected, enabling the improvement of inspection accuracy.
Cost reduction through cooperation with peripheral devices that have already been introduced 
Even in a line in which peripheral equipment such as a camera or a light has already been installed, such equipment can be used as is because “Phoenix” can be connected to various equipment. As a result, an AI visual inspection system can be introduced at low cost.
Total solution that includes peripheral devices
We propose a total solution, which includes peripheral devices such as cameras, lights, and discharge mechanisms, to clients who plan to introduce an AI visual inspection system for the first time or want to change the devices which they are currently using.
A total solution proposed by us can suppress costs, adjust delivery deadlines, and reduce burden on clients. 
Please entrust us with processes ranging from imaging conditions to proposals.


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