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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:22:50

aim Co., Ltd.

Innovation in precision machined parts and machined parts. We provide a stable supply of high-quality products with speed and passion.

We manufacture precision parts (machined parts) from steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, plastic, and other materials based on customer drawings, making full use of NC lathes, machining centers and other mechanical equipment. We can also provide plating, quenching, and assembly services to satisfy customer requests.

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Sales Pitch

[Overview of the business]
[Business contents and advantages]
We are a company that manufactures and sells precision machined parts. We have a production and engineering company in the Philippines, and manufacturing is done in the Philippines, while Japan serves as our headquarters and sales base. Our manufacturing subsidiary in the Philippines is a PEZA (special economic zone) certified company and is eligible to receive preferential treatment from the government. Because parts are manufactured in our Philippines factory, the cost can be reduced compared to Japan. The factory is fully equipped with machinery and inspection facilities, and the quality of the products is assured because they are made in Japan. Our main machine tools are NC lathes and machining centers, and we possess about 20 units. Our inspection equipment includes two 3D measuring instruments (CMM) and one 2D measuring instrument (VMM). The materials we mainly process are iron, stainless steel, and aluminum. The sizes we can process are diameter 2 to diameter 200 for round parts, and X:300 mm, Y:200 mm, Z:200 mm for square parts.
[Outline of main manufactured goods, technologies, products and services, and examples of their use]
Our main manufactured goods are machine tool parts, ball screw and actuator parts, camera parts, parts for motors, factory automation parts, and various other kinds of part processing. All of our customers are major companies. We also have our own original technologies, such as the ability to process parts with a thickness of 0.8 mm to 50 mm with a flatness of less than 3 μ.

[Processing sizes]
For round parts: Diameter 1.5 to diameter 250; Length: 500 mm
For square parts: X 400, Y 300, Z 200

[Processing materials]
Iron: SCM, S, SS, etc. 
Aluminum: A7075, A6061, A6063, A5052, A5056, A2017, etc. 
Stainless steel: SUS316, SUS303, SUS430, SUS420J2, etc. 
Brass: C3614 
Plastics: POM, PTFE, PEEK, acrylic, etc. 

[Owned equipment and facilities]
NC lathe (Swiss type) + material feeder: 4 units
NC lathe (fixed type) + material feeder: 2 units
NC lathe: 4 units
Machining center: 9 units
Lapping machine: 1 unit
Polishing machine: 2 units
Washing machine: 2 units

[Inspection equipment]
3D measuring instrument: 3 units
Image measuring instrument: 1 unit
Image roughness measuring instrument: 1 unit
[Messages from the CEO]
In Japan, the number of SME manufacturing companies is on the decline due to the declining birthrate and aging population. We believe that we can compensate for Japan's structural weaknesses by manufacturing in the Philippines. Through J-GoodTech, we hope to make our company known to many people and greatly expand our sales channels. We are determined to do what we can to contribute to the development of the supply chain in Japan.

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