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Needs in specialized surgical operations
Surgical operations require advanced techniques, so it is necessary to visualize the condition of the surgical site more accurately. With the development of medical technology, there is a growing awareness that the burden on the patient should be as small as possible (minimally invasive), and it is becoming more common to minimize incision sites in surgical procedures. In such surgeries, narrow and deep areas must be visible, bright, and free of shadows. This is why wearable surgical lights such as OPELA III are increasingly being used in addition to ceiling-type surgical lights.
Needs in sites where surgical facilities are not available
Although equipped with functions such as illumination, shadow-free performance, and high color rendering, which are necessary for surgery, OPELA III is very light at 390 g as well as battery-powered, making it portable. It can be used in environments where surgical equipment is not available. In addition to providing the lighting environment necessary for surgery, the system requires no difficult maintenance and only requires battery replacement. This is why it is expected to be used in developing countries where surgical facilities are not yet developed, disaster areas, ER and ICU wards, medical tents, doctor cars, and so on.
Needs in the recent COVID-19 pandemic
In the recent COVID-19 pandemic, OPELA III has been increasingly used for tracheotomies in ICU wards. Since the bedside space in ICU wards is narrow and dark, a large stand-type light had been brought in each time for tracheotomies and the like. However, as the number of urgent cases has increased rapidly due to COVID-19, it has become difficult to spend time on carrying in lights, and our highly mobile OPELA III is being used effectively instead. It has also been introduced in ECMO cars used for transporting COVID-19 patients, as a tracheotomy may also be required.





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