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Latest update: 21/04/2022 13:45:48

Sion Seisakusho Co.,Ltd.

We are a manufacturer of dental equipment parts.

We can satisfy various customer needs for dental equipment parts with our precision cutting and bending machinery and technology.

We will spare no effort to become a company that can quickly adapt to the changing times and deliver proposed products.

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Precision cutting
We have NC lathes and NC milling machines, so we can satisfy your various cutting needs.

We can handle machining with an accuracy of 0.02 units. We are also committed to providing cutting and brazing as assemblies in addition to cutting.

Moreover, to ensure that customers can use our products such as dental equipment parts with confidence, we conduct quality control based on regulations, including frequent inspections at the production stage using projectors and plug gauges.
Precise bending processing
We machine pipes from a minimum diameter of 1 mm to less than 40 mm. In addition to our three types of benders (large, medium, and small), we also excel at bending small-diameter pipes, which enables us to perform three-dimensional bending processing.

The reason why we are able to bend even thin materials such as pipes, squares, bars, and brass is that we process them using our preferred methods to match the material.

When machining thin materials, we add bars, needles, and solder inside them to prevent the material from being crushed. We can satisfy your needs in terms of bending radius, processing length, and so on.
Precision brazing processing
Of course, brazing is a difficult process, and we have our own preferred methods to prevent peeling and cleanly apply any material.

At our company, we have two brazing methods: high-frequency heating and burner heating. By using these different methods according to the shape of the material, we can properly braze materials such as stainless steel, brass, and iron.

By adjusting the temperature to avoid heating at a high temperature, brazing without water or gas leakage is now possible.

This is why we can beautifully braze small parts for dental equipment.

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