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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:52

SaDea Co. Ltd.

We operate cosmetics OEM and ODM businesses, targeting the Japanese, Chinese, and Southeast Asian markets.

We have strength in developing, manufacturing, and selling quasi-pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, as well as health foods and in supporting companies who want to enter into overseas markets.

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[Corporate profile]
[Description of business]
We operate cosmetics OEM and ODM businesses, targeting the Japanese, Chinese, and Southeast Asian markets. In terms of quality, technology, and reliability, Japanese products are hugely popular among consumers in not only Japan, but also China and Southeast Asian countries. Product rollout under the brand name of "Japan" provides a critical boost to your business in foreign countries. However, in reality, many Japanese-affiliated companies are having a hard time entering into the markets of foreign countries due to factors such as policy and business practices in each country, and many companies in foreign countries are also having a hard time demonstrating "made in Japan" because they do not know how to emphasize it. Backed by high special knowledge based on familiarity with the industry and by experience in business in foreign countries, SaDea Co. Ltd. is able to provide services from product development to manufacturing in a one-stop manner.   
[Product (1)] Bbeau Cleansing Lotion
Cleansing lotion with a "new sensation" that does not damage the barrier and moisture retention functions which your skin originally has, that gently and easily removes makeup as well as dirt, and that keeps your skin healthy.
[Product (2)] Bbeau Skin Conditioner
Skin lotion with a "new sensation" whose moisture retention and beauty components, indispensable to your skin, are changed to nanoparticles to penetrate deep into your stratum corneum.
[Our strength]
Fabless business
We operate a fabless business, without having our own factories. Since we can select the factory that is most suitable for your product, high performance will be demonstrated in terms of cost and quality. 
Networks with other companies in the industry
We have established wide networks with not only manufacturing factories, but also manufacturers of raw materials, containers, packaging materials, and so on. Since our company can negotiate directly with the above companies, speedy responses and commission under favorable conditions can be achieved.
Familiarity with special knowledge about the industry
The production and commercialization of cosmetics require specialized knowledge which is based on familiarity with various fields in the industry. Our company has experience in developing as well as selling raw materials and producing products in the fields of quasi-pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, as well as health foods.
Know-how in operating business in foreign countries
You can simply say "Asia," however, the national characteristics, climate, business practices, and other aspects greatly differ depending on the Asian country. For more than 20 years, we have conducted business in foreign countries. Therefore, we are able to assist your company in expanding its business.
History of commercializing the world's or Japan's first products
So far, we have been involved in the commercialization of the world's first supplements, cosmetics, and pet food, as well as Japan's first cosmetics and so on. Commercializing the products which can be described as the world's first or Japan's first is not easy. However, we will make utmost efforts whenever our clients require the commercialization of such products.
[Message from the CEO]
The philosophy of SaDea Co. Ltd. is to see things through the eyes of clients. The growth of our clients means the growth of SaDea Co. Ltd. We believe that we can contribute to society by materializing clients' ideas. Rapid progress of globalization and IT technology has made the world smaller. This trend can give a push to companies considering business with foreign companies. However, many Japanese-affiliated companies are still having a hard time entering into foreign markets due to obstacles caused by policy, culture, and business practices in each country. It frequently happens that common sense in one country does not work in other countries. SaDea Co. Ltd. has experience and networks, which have been nurtured in the cosmetics field, in business with foreign companies, mainly those in Southeast Asia. By utilizing the know-how obtained through the experience, we will strongly support clients who are considering the business of "Japanese-made" cosmetics in foreign countries.

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