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Fuji denki Co.,Ltd.

Our company has been pursuing resins and plastics for 70 years and completed a plant in Malaysia in 2013. We can handle high-mix small-lot production and quick delivery.

Since its establishment in 1941, Fuji Denki has kept pace with the times for 70 years. As a company specializing in electric insulation materials, we have offered electric and electronic insulation materials, industrial materials, and various resins and have made efforts as a widely reliable company.

Our company specializes in electrical insulating materials and has a trading division and a processing division. We have direct dealings with many listed companies, establishing a unique position without belonging to any major group.

Based on the customer's application, such as electrical equipment, vehicles, electrical installation, facility-related parts, we propose high-quality, appropriate materials and resin processing methods considering heat resistance, chemical resistance, strength, and other factors. 

We offer a wide range of processing services mainly for general FRP (glass laminates, phenolic laminates, fibers, etc.), Nomex, tubes, thermoplastics, etc., offering small-lot production and quick delivery.

In 2013, we established Fuji Insulation Materials Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned subsidiary in Malaysia, and started delivery throughout Southeast Asia.

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Sales Pitch

FRP Processing; GFRP Cutting; Thermosetting Resin Heavy Electric Machinery Manufacturer
Cutting Various Resins
・We can handle a variety of operations, including high-mix, small-lot production in-house, mainly cutting FRP products. 
・Please contact us also for various assembly and gluing services.
・Our products have high heat resistance and chemical resistance as insulating parts for all types of electrical appliances and equipment.
・In addition, our automotive parts have excellent strength and are often exported overseas.

[FRP Processing Department: Basic Information]
・Electrical equipment parts
-Insulation materials for transformers, motors, and switching devices
-Insulation materials for welding machines

・Automotive parts
-Insulation parts for underfloor equipment
-Arc chute
-Insulation parts for vehicle motors

・Equipment-related parts
-FRP cleats for electric wires
-Busbar cleats
-Chemical-resistant insulating parts for plating tanks
-Insulation tools for electrical installation

・Plastic parts
-Semiconductor equipment parts
-Equipment covers
Assembly Department: Switch Outlets for Housing Equipment and Charging Plugs for Battery Forklifts
Please consult with us about wiring assemblies for switch outlets, charging plugs, etc., for housing equipment.
By combining materials, insulation technology creates new possibilities and helps us in our daily lives as housing-related equipment. The Assembly Department is one of the areas where expectations are increasing. Our assemblies are used in a variety of products, including housing equipment, industrial equipment, and battery-powered forklifts.

[Assembly Department: Basic Information]
・Flat heater
-Washstand anti-fog heater
-Pet heater
-Floor heaters
-Greenhouse heaters
-Various types of heaters (cord heaters, etc.)

・Wiring assembly
-Wiring parts for kitchen
-Wiring parts for washstands
-Wiring parts for electrical equipment
-Charging plug for industrial equipment

・Applied electronic equipment
-Touch switches for washstands.
-Single function remote control switches
-Digital clocks
Thermosetting and Thermoplastic Resins; FRP; Electric Wire and Insulated Tubing; Resin Moldings.
We can deliver them in a short delivery period through high-mix, small-lot production.
We have a wide range of molded products and resin materials, including thermoset and thermoplastic materials. Plastic resin processing is also available.

Our electrical and electronic materials have excellent heat resistance. We offer users various high-quality insulating materials to meet a wide range of needs.

[Trading Division: Basic Information (resins, materials, moldings)
・Thermosetting materials
-Glass cloth and glass mat laminates, pipes, round bars
-Cloth and paper phenolic laminates, pipes, round bars
-FRP pultrusion materials
-Filament windings
-Glass tapes and sheets
-Heat resistant adhesive sheets
-Mica Sheets

・Thermoplastic materials
-Acryl, polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, POM, PVC, ABS
-Engineering plastics such as Teflon PPS
-Polyester films
-Double-sided adhesive sheets and tapes
-Plastic tapes
-Insulating paper

・Electric wires and tubes
-Heat-resistant vinyl wires
-Teflon electric wires
-Silicon rubber electric wires
-Glass/tetoron electric wires
-Power cord with plug
-Flat electric wires
-Various extruded tubes (PVC, silicon rubber, Teflon)
-Tetoron/glass braided tubing
-UL heat-resistant plastic tape
-Silicon glass tubing

・Thermosetting molded products
-Direct pressure moldings (SMC, BMC, phenolic resin)
-Hand layup moldings.

・Thermoplastic molded products
-Injection moldings
-Vacuum, blow moldings
FRP Pressing; Resin Pressing; Film Mass Production; Switching Device/Breaker/Motor Parts
Mass production and processing overseas are also possible.
The department mainly presses FRP, Nomex, and other materials. Mass production is also possible at our Malaysia Plant. The products have been frequently adopted as insulating parts for industrial equipment.

[Press Department: Basic Information]
・Thermosetting resin
-Polyester glass laminates
-Epoxy glass laminates
-Phenolic laminates

-Thermoplastic resin
-Nomex (Bending is also available)
Malaysia Plant; FRP Mass Processing; Resin Pressing; Insulating Tubing
Mass production and processing of FPR are available at our plant in Malaysia.
Our Malaysia Plant has Japanese employees, so please contact us if you consider mass production or processing of FRP pressed products. The products can be shipped within Malaysia, Japan, and all over Southeast Asia. The plant obtained ISO 9001 in 2017. Their products are widely adopted as insulating parts for industrial equipment, home appliance parts, electrical installation, etc.

[Mass Production/Processing at Overseas Plant (Malaysia): Basic Information]
・Thermosetting resins
-Polyester glass laminates
-Epoxy glass laminates
-Phenolic laminates

-Thermoplastic resins
-Nomex (Bending is also available)


Fuji Denki Corporate Guide.pdf

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