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Backed by high technology, we provide sophisticated services of consulting for geological surveys, civil design, land surveys, etc. and of infrastructure diagnosis (visualization technique).

Founded in 1980, we are a company whose main base is Hokkaido and which mainly provides consulting for geological surveys, civil design, land surveys, etc.     
Under the slogan of "providing high technology trusted by clients", all of our engineers unite to carry out our tasks.
In recent years, we have done work such as inspecting voids under roads or in port facilities, investigating road conditions in response to the Road Stock inspection, and investigating the depth of buried objects, and have been putting effort into the development of technologies for visualizing infrastructure. Aiming at the provision of technology for constructing a safer, securer, and more sustainable society, we meet various needs related to the ground that include geological surveys, void inspection, and road condition investigation.

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Utilizing high technology trusted by clients, we do work ranging from inspection to design and proposal.
[Infrastructure Diagnosis Dept.]
3D radar system, GeoScope MK IV (NETIS No. HK-130010-A)
[What is the 3D radar system?]
Ground penetrating radars (GPR) are equipment for obtaining information from underground, i.e., information on soil layers, voids, and deformation. Of them, the 3D radar system scans three cross sections, which are the movement direction (longitudinal section), the transverse direction (transverse section), and horizontal section (depth section), at high speed with high precision to accurately obtain more detailed data in a short period of time. Furthermore, reflecting data obtained through analysis, geology data, and topography information on plane figures or cross-sectional views improves their utilization efficiency at work sites. 
Void inspection
Bridge floor inspection
Inspection of objects contained in the surface layer of airport runways, etc. 
Road condition investigation.
Please click the URL below to view our other achievements.
Inspection of the corrosion of road attachments through the use of ultrasonic waves
No need to dig boundaries.
Can inspect 20 to 30 utility poles or the like per day.
Can inspect steel towers, illumination supporting columns, and anchor bolts.
[Non-Destructive Inspection Dept.]
Non-destructive inspection is a method for inspecting defects and damage in physical objects such as the ground and constructions without the need of destroying them. 
Non-destructive inspection enables the inspection of resin pipes, such as vinyl chloride pipes, which have not been detected by the exploration of buried pipes, for which the electromagnetic induction method is used. Since no cutting or digging is required, non-destructive inspection is characterized by its reasonable cost and high inspection accuracy.   
Inspecting buried pipes without digging
Pinpointing the locations of various pipes buried under the road such as those for electricity, gas, water, and sewerage reduces the risk of damaging such pipes during trial digging.
Inspecting objects buried underground
Without changing the status quo, we use a GPR to inspect whether there is any object buried underground, the range in which it is buried, the depth at which it is buried, and its volume.
[Consulting Dept.]
Survey boring
Field test/sounding test
Geophysical exploration/physical logging
Overall geological analysis
Land surveys
Natural environment
Investigation of ancient sites
Development planning/land reclamation design
Building design
[Resources Development Dept.]
One-stop service of drilling hot springs
Groundwater development (wells/well digging)


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