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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:22:49

Flonica Inc.

We help companies improve their operations in the field of inventory management

Our SmartMat Cloud uses a weight sensor to manage inventory, which can be used for any object with a measurable weight, such as small parts or liquid management. This is a dedicated inventory management tool that specializes in being usable for anything and usable by anyone. Simply by placing objects to be managed on the mat, you can automatically manage everything from inventory control to ordering without human intervention, contributing to the improvement of business operations and work styles of companies. The system supports a wide range of industries and items, including copy paper in offices, small screws in warehouses, liquids for disinfection, invisible foods in refrigerators, and company products installed at distant customer sites.
Smart Mat Cloud is a set of hardware and software services with excellent cost performance, and its merit is that it is easy to introduce. Our company's support system is also fully complete, and we will strive to share issues and lead to solutions.

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Functions of SmartMat Cloud
1. Visualization of inventory
The items managed on the SmartMat can be quantified on a Web screen and the inventory count can be checked in real time. The new system is designed to reduce the burden of manual inventory management and make more efficient use of time by allowing employees to check inventory counts at remote locations while at their desks.

[Industries that require inventory visualization = Challenges]
Manufacturing = Centralized management of various items, remote management, and labor saving
Medical = Labor shortage, clarification of appropriate inventory, prevention of shortages
Printing industry = Remote management, clarification of appropriate inventory
2. Taking inventory
SmartMat sends daily inventory data, so it can be used as inventory-taking data. The sent data can also be downloaded in CSV format to integrate it with your system. SmartMat Cloud remembers and updates daily inventory data, and informs you of the appropriate amount of inventory based on the turnover rate of the managed items. This is how it will guide you to operate with an appropriate amount on inventory without holding excess inventory.

[Industries that require inventory visualization = Challenges]
Infrastructure = Multi-item management, management with appropriate inventory, labor saving
Hotel industry = Labor shortage, management with appropriate inventory, analog management
Pharmaceutical manufacturing = Multi-item management, analog management, liquid visualization
3. Automatic order placement
When the inventory on SmartMat falls below the set value, the system notifies the administrator or automatically places an order with the supplier (by e-mail or fax).
This eliminates the need for a person to visually check the inventory, create an order form, and so on, which greatly increases work efficiency. This eliminates being out-of-stock and inventory losses, and also ensures a stable supply of inventory items, which contributes to the optimization of business operations.

[Industries that require automatic order placement = Challenges]
Food manufacturing = Labor saving, inventory reduction, and stable supply of automated orders
Beauty salons: Labor shortage, prevention of shortages through automatic ordering
Nursing care and welfare = Labor shortage, work style reform, proper inventory management


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